Monday, April 4, 2016

Just A Simple Southern Girl

A true Southern country girl.
In love with the outdoors.
An animal lover if there ever was one.
Drawn to the water like a moth to a flame.
Faithful to her friends and family just the same.
Loyal to her man.
Adoring of her Daddy.
Standing up to bullies
and never backing down.
Being a lady but redneck when she has too.
She can hunt it, catch it, kill it,dress it, cook it and never bat an eye.
She's tan and freckled from hours in the sun.
She loves flowers, trees and gardening.
Canning, cooking and baking are just part of who she is.
She's blue eyed and day dreaming
She's a Southern rock and Wayland
She's blue grass and gospel
She loves music, like she needs to breath
A big truck with mud on the tires
A four wheeler and a dirt trail
Long walks in the rain
Watching the sunset
Laying in the grass looking at the clouds
Waking up early to catch a sunrise
Smelling the fresh air after the rain
freshly mowed grass
honeysuckle vines hanging on the fence
a new baby calf trying to stand
a baby piglet routing around the stall
a field full of new lambs
a lap full of kittens
these are some of the things that make her smile
when she doesn't feel like going on
she thinks back to where she came from
who she is
what made her who she is
and all the things that she loves
She is country, she can be redneck
She is simple, no frills and low maintenance me.

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  1. A wonderful attribute of not just Southern girls but any woman is to be proud of all that she is!

    1. Thank you Karen and I agree, as women we live in a terrible time of "shaming" each other instead of building each other up. We are all unique and should be able to embrace that with pride not fear.