Friday, April 1, 2016

First of Five Fridays...4/1/16 No Joke

Since every Friday I participate in a writing challenge I wanted to stay someone consistent. So when a month comes along and it has 5 Fridays I decided to make my own challenge. First of Five Fridays is where I share 5 things that I love, have learned or just random thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this tidbit of my life.

April 1st, April Fools Day, Spring has officially sprung and thoughts turn to trips to the beach, vacation time, the kids getting out of school, longer days, more sunshine, seeing family or just taking a "me" day. 

Let's look at April Fool's Day food pranks. I am not one for playing pranks and I have always dreaded April 1st. Thankfully my boys were not mean about this day, because I taught them not to be, however, some of my friends LOVE pranks. So I  try to stay home and avoid people! BUT if you like pranks, love "getting over" on someone, here are a few you might like. 

1. THIS one would seriously tick me off.
2. This is some serious talent: looks like mashed potatoes and gravy but it's cheesecake!
3. I would appreciate this unless I was really hungry. Ice Cream Steak with Pound Cake Fries
4. I have a friend who is a big fan of hot wings but he would NOT be happy about this prank so I'll pass but it did strike me as funny. The wings are made from rice krispie treats and the celery of course is green Twizzlers.
5. At a party once the hostess' son thought this was funny, he mixed Skittles, M&M and Reese Pieces together in a bowl. When you grab a handful and toss it in your mouth, WOW NOT what you were expecting.
As you can see, I'm not a fan of pranks so I chose some that I could live with. Except the Oreo's. Ugh...what a waste of a good cookie.

Now, where and when did the idea of pranking someone come  about? 
1. In ancient times Romans and Hindus celebrated New Year's around or on April 1st.
2. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar but France adopted April 1st and started "fool's errands" day.
3. Joseph Boskin a history professor suggest that it started with Constantine and Kugel. Kugel a court jester was made king for a day and it made a declaration that for that day it be "absurdity day".
4. Perhaps it began due to "Spring Fever" and folks being light hearted and a little nuts on warmer days. ehh it's a good guess right?
5. April Fool's Day is observed around the world in many ways, the French call it "Poisson d'Avril" or April Fish, the kids tape a photo of a fish to someone's back until it is discovered. The French are an odd lot.

So there you have it. My First Five of Friday, well times two. I love learned about new customs, old ones and where they originated. Hope you enjoyed this half as much as I did which means I enjoyed it twice as much. 

Happy April Fool's and watch out for those pranksters!!
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  1. HA! Some pranks AND a history lesson. Seriously, those food ones (especially the oreos) although very creative, also show a bit of a mean streak!