Sunday, March 20, 2016

Live Infinitely Massage Stick

I received the Forever Massage Stick or Muscle Roller stick from Live Infinitely for free in exchange for my honest opinion on my blog and a third party site.

I love this thing! I really enjoy the fact that it is compact and I can toss it in my duffle for the gym, my bag for work and a carry on size when traveling. I can use it on my back, neck and legs which comes in real handy considering I sit most of the day driving. My thighs had really begun to cramp up during the day and this helps.

I used it on Hoover's back and he loved it. His dad did not like it. 

Unlike when someone else is rubbing your back , you control the amount of pressure. I can use this at work, at the gym, at home and when I travel. It is 18 inches long so it easily fits into a duffle, gym bag or carry on. 

It is very simple to use on your legs, back, neck and anywhere needed. I was concerned that the hard plastic would not be comfortable when rolled along my spine but I had no problems with it at all. 

The stick has a flex resistant stainless steel core, ergonomical soft rubber hand grips and durable eccentric ABS rollers. 

It is great for pre or post workouts, to help oxygen flow in the blood for faster recovery from your workout. 

Doing this aids in the flexibility as well.
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