Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jennie-O Easter Side Dish "Bacon" wrapped asparagus

 If your guys are like mine, they LOVE and I mean LOVE bacon! But ladies let's be honest. It is not healthy to eat bacon everyday due to the fat. Now I agree with the guys, everything taste better with bacon. However, I know I need to cut back and well, so do the guys even if they don't agree. Sometimes it is better just to make changes, cut back, make healthier dishes and NOT tell them. One great way to do that is to make the switch from pork sausage and bacon to Jenni-O turkey sausage and bacon. I also use ground turkey in the place of ground beef. My honey is not found of turkey in any form, so I have to mix the ground turkey with lean ground chuck, when I do this he never notices.

Jennie-O is featuring side dishes for Easter and I was asked to come up with a dish. I busted my brain trying to figure out something "new" and exciting. This is not new, but it is exciting. I decided to use one of my favorite Spring vegetables. Asparagus. I love them raw or cooked.

I wrapped them with the Jennie-O bacon and sprinkled on a little fresh cracked pepper. Then popped them into the oven while the rest of the dinner was roasting. I set my oven to 350 degrees and allowed them to cook until the bacon was at the desired crispness and the asparagus tender. This took about 35 minutes in my oven. Your time may vary.

I hope you enjoy this easy side dish and will consider switching from all beef and pork to a less fatty healthier way of cooking by using Jennie-O.

If you're interested in more and would like to see some of the recipes from Jennie-O and great cooks from all around, check out this LINK.
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