Friday, March 18, 2016

FOTW March 2016

HAPPY 'the day after St. Patty's Day" Day! How did you celebrate? I didn't. I was in a wreck on Wednesday so spent yesterday resting/sleeping/walking around in a daze.
What happened you ask? Well, I was parked in the lot at work. Yep, in my bus, sweeping it out when all of a sudden BAM another bus pulls in too close and creams the back/side of my bus. Rocking my world in a way I do NOT like. Thankfully there was no damage to my bus, but his...well, it tore the side up, messed up the bumper and ripped the wheel well cover off. My boss was not happy. I said I was fine, I didn't fall or hit anything but as the day wore on, I realized I was not fine. My head started pounding, I was dizzy and could barely more my neck. Long story short I went to the Urgent Care and I am having neck spasms that go up across the top of my head. No work, no driving, no much of anything until after I see the dr again on Monday. Yeah, I wanted a few days off but not like this. I can't get anything done laying around on pain pills and muscle relaxers. So, how has your week been? sigh...

Today 12 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.
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Did you know that IKEA turned 73 last month?? Well it was founded that long ago anyway. Did you see my cake and post in celebration? No!?! OH man, hop over and check it out: Happy Birthday IKEA

Hey folks, since last month I have become a grandmother, again! WOO HOO now my baby is a daddy. Ooh that sounds weird. My youngest son is now a Daddy to a beautiful little girl. My little princess. LMSP is of course jealous, not sure why, this baby is in TX and I have no idea when I'll get to meet her :( but I bug my son to death and he text me a picture a day. She's a doll.

I purchased myself an adult coloring book. I'm sure you've seen a really cool graphic designs and animals and geometric shapes. During a football game at home I'm sitting there coloring. The game watchers look at me and say what are you doing coloring? I said yes. He said "good I'm glad to see it because you're finally doing what I want and relaxing." Wow 
For real...I kid you not! THIS is in the small town where I live. Had me crackin' up!! So I guess sometimes we feel like "deadpoo" and well, then there's the "ho" OMG!

Hoover and I are walking around Wally world, I grab a bottle of men's vitamins, tossed them in the shopping cart. He looks at me all wild eyed.
I said "what", he said" what are you doing ??"big shocked look and voice.
I said "buying your dad vitamins".
He jumped back like he had been bitten by a snake,threw his arms in the air and said "Whoa Whoa Whoa wait a minute. First my dad was drinking water, now he's taking vitamins, the next thing I know you're telling me he's a freaking vegetarian." This kid is hysterical.
I laughed and said "yeah like that's going to happen" we both laughed.

Remember the show, "Bear in the Big Blue House" ? My boys loved it, well, okay I loved it but they did too. Here's my version today: Cat in the Big Blue Chair. This bean bag "chair" was a gift for Hoover at Christmas time, Beau has claimed it! Big dumplin'. He has this look of "make me move I dare you".

 I said "I'm thinking about coloring my hair" So anyway after about an hour we came up with this solution:
On the 13th there was a hair show and M had roped Hoover into being a hair model, not a difficult thing. The boy is vain and loves having his hair done so it was a simple phone call. She did mine that day as well. Hair shows...
before and after of me (not the best photos I know and you really can't see the lovely highlights she put in) I texted the photo to my mom and bff, the first thing they both said was "lovely color but where are your curls?" Funny... For some reason all stylist want to blow dry your hair slick straight. I'm a go natural kinda gal. No blow dryer, straightener, curling iron, just wash and go.

OMG American Idol tweeted me!! I feel special. 

Don't you just love auto-correct? I swear I have some of the best. I was "talk texting" again. I guess Siri can't decipher my "Southern twang". It should say "home". Thankfully I caught the error before sending this time.
After supper one night Hoover says "Dang Dawn I'm stuffed and I mean with 3 F's and no E STUFFFD!!" I guess he enjoyed the meal.

One of our drivers had a family emergency one morning and I had to take over his route. Not a problem, it was several of the senior citizens that I used to take to the center. I had not seen them in a while so I was looking forward to it. Ms. Helen is one, she is 96, lives alone, has her mind, wits, is funny as all get out, on the make for a younger man (70 and in good health) dresses to the 9's as we used to say and sassy! Oh my gracious this woman is sassy!! I hope and pray that if I live to be 96 I can get around like she does. She comes sashaying over to the bus, decked out in her matching from head to toe outfit and her "go to hell hat" as we call it. I open the door and she says "oh SHOOT I was hoping for that sexy young man driver!" LOL she's talking about SG and he is 68. But to her I guess he is young. She is a big flirt and when I stop to pick up Mr George who is in his late 60's they start the trash talking. Anyway, we get to the senior center and he says "ladies first" she laughs "I ain't no lady sugar so go ahead on" he SITS in her lap and wiggles!!! I am dying up here! She laughs and hollers "WOO YEAH lap dance in the morning" I swear I was crying I was laughing so hard. I love these people!!

 "What's the last thing that goes through a bugs mind when he hits a windshield? His @$$"
 LOL I told you I was tired and stupid stuff makes me laugh.

Hope you've enjoyed this month's FOTW post and that you'll visit the others.
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  1. I sure hope you don't have any repercussions from the accident. Your new hair cut looks great - shorter around your face. Good call. Has anyone pointed out the marquee to the theater manager - or is it too much fun to watch the reactions. Just how small is your town?

    1. I hope not as well.
      Thanks, I like the face framing cut.
      they did change the marquee at the theater later the day that I took the photo. It is small in comparison to where I lived before. We have around 25k people in the county, which is quiet large. I lived in a city that had over 300k before.

  2. LOVE your hair. AND that beautiful new grand baby. And, of course all the laughs this month.

    1. Thank ya ma'am on both. She is a doll baby for sure.

  3. Congrats on the new granddaughter! So precious! I want one of those adult coloring books too. I also endorse napping during football!

    1. Oh no way I can nap during football, WAY too much shouting going on! LOL

  4. congratulations again!!!! How exciting. My parents are in the same boat. Thye love my son, but my sister, the younger sister, is prego in TX. It must be hard to not see your grandchild when you want.

    LOVE your new haircut, fabulous. Take care of yourself though. Accident injuries are no joke.

  5. Love your hair~
    Teenagers will never learn that we've already been there and done that and we can embarrass them every time.
    Congrats on the new Grand~

  6. I really love the stories about your charges. Makes me remember my grandma (in a good way). She was sassy too!

    Are you feeling better from your accident?