Friday, November 20, 2015

November FOTW - Buffalo Chicken Egg Roll

Hi and welcome to another edition of #FlyOnTheWall, a post where you get to "buzz" around and see/hear what's been going on. At the end of the post you'll find links to 11 other great bloggers that are participating this month. It's always a lot of fun, tons of laughs and even a few recipes thrown in here and there.
Buffalo Chicken Egg Roll
rotisserie chicken, shredded
8 oz #ChobaniGreekyogurt plain
hot wing sauce
mozzarella cheese sticks sliced in half length wise
egg roll wrappers
#madewithchobani (find more recipes made with Chobani HERE)

Dice or shred the chicken and mix well with the sauce and yogurt. Place 1-2 TBSP of the mix on top of the cheese stick on the egg roll wrapper. Wrap and cook in a hot skillet with melted butter. You could fry these or even bake if you choose to. Fix a whole batch and freeze them for an after school snack. Fry them up, cut in half and use as a party appetizer! 

We are sitting at the house and W is answering FB quizzes. He does one about "what one word describes you" so I take it. His says "charming" which I totally agree with. Mine says "successful" which I totally do not agree with. 
He says why? 
I said because I'm not. 
He replies, "no when I ask a question I need an answer not a "because". 
I said, well I have no college degree, I work a dead end job that will never lead to a promotion or more money, I can not provide for myself, I have one son going through a ton of crap right now and the list goes on. 
He said, "wrong, we have different definitions to success. I would not have chosen that word to describe you but I do agree. Look at what you've been through the last year. You've survived, you have a job, are a full time student and you have 3 sons that are well adjusted intelligent adults. I've met them all and they were homeschooled by you. You need to stop looking at what you are not and what you have accomplished. You ARE successful. Now the word I would have chosen for you is adorable."
NOW this is just one of MANY reasons I appreciate this man!
This cartoon clipping has been on my fridge for so many years I can't even remember how long.

I'm on my way home from work and get a text... "Can I use this pan?"
I said sure for what? W replies to bake the burgers. I said "why not use my George Foreman grill?" He says "because that seems like a lot of work, Can I use this pan?" I'm like, I"ll be there in 15 minutes. He is serious, HE wants to cook AND use my pan. Okay fine, use the pan, but I'm talk texting because I'm driving. My phone did not understand "pan" obviously! See below!!

I'm parking my van and one of my co-workers walks up, I put down the window and said "hi dee ho neighbor" .
She looks at me and says "I AM NOT" 
LOL so glad to work with quick witted folks!

Hair time at Casa De Love :)
My son cutting W son's hair. So glad they get along.

Good gracious I love auto-correct! As you see, when you speak to your phone so you can text while driving. It does not always come out like it should.
I'm not the only one who 'talk text' with their phone AND the phone just doesn't get it! LOL
It should read "good timing" 
"If you could leave it in the oven a minute longer so that the crust gets crispy I like crispy crust"
HOW did the phone come up with "swagger crispy crossed"??

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  1. I hate auto correct too, although as frustrating as it is, it often is good for a laugh, like yours today.
    Your recipe looks DELISH!

    1. auto correct has been hysterical lately! The egg rolls were DEElicious!

  2. Awh - love the conversation you had in regards to your quiz results! You are successful! :-)

    And a great comic for the fridge! So true!

    1. The conversation was definitely an eye opener.

  3. those autocorrects are awesome!!!! I hate when I have to correct autocorrect,. so going to try the buffalo chicken egg roll

    1. The egg rolls were DEElicious! Let me know if you do try it.
      YES correcting auto correct sometimes I totally forget what it was I was trying to type to begin with.

  4. Auto correct makes for good FLY material!
    Hey, W. sounds like a keeper :)
    And the buffalo chicken egg rolls? They sound yummy!

    1. OH YES he is a keeper!!
      oh man...the egg rolls are def. something I will do again.

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  6. I am so glad you were "straightened" out by W. He is totally right -- look at WHAT YOU accomplished - not what you have not yet done. You are an awesome lady -- see yourself that way!

    1. Thank you Carol. I have accomplished a lot and I guess I just didn't view it as "success" in the traditional view.

  7. There is a whole culture around hilarious autocorrects. But you're right - the talk to text option has a horrendous track record.

    And one more thing. I'm glad W was there to bring you up. It's nice to have a caring, loving man by your side.

  8. Thank you for the giggles!!! Also, W is a wise man. Listen to him. These egg rolls look delicious!!!