Friday, October 23, 2015

Bacon Sushi...YES I DID and FOTW - October 2015

I love Friday's, it's when I participate in writing challenges and my favorite is today...Fly On The Wall. It is so much fun to "buzz" around and see what's been happening in the lives of my blogging pals. Hope you enjoy it too.

Well, I am out of my mom's house, hallelujah and now back to cooking! YES how I have missed cooking and no one complaining about it. We have had beef stew, stir fry, fried chicken, pizza, blue cheese burgers, pork roast and a FAN tastic... BACON SUSHI. That's right, I said bacon sushi. It was a teenage boys dream, and a 23 year old boy and so on.

1 lb smoked applewood bacon
1 1/2 lb lean ground beef
Applewood seasoning
Colby and mozzarella cheese sticks
Mix the beef and seasoning. Now lay the bacon flat side by side and press the beef mix into a thin layer. Now place the cheese sticks and roll. I made three rolls so it was easier and would cook better. I used 5 strips of bacon and 1/3 the meat. Roll and place in a pan. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes covered. Then uncovered at 400 for 15 minutes. Then I slathered on bbq sauce for one and sweet hot sauce on the other two. Broiled for 4 minutes. Remove from the pan and allow it to cool a tad. Then slice.
Bacon sushi!

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. 
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As Facebook fans we all know that each day you have a "memory...what happened this day" one year ago, two, three and so on. The other day mine was:
"Joey and i were at Foodlion. The girl in front of us is loading her cart when someone in the lane next to us says "HEY I didn't see you, how ya doing?" She replies "hangin' in thar" to which the other lady says "Like a hair in a biscuit?" Joey says "that's just gross" ROTFL can you say country redneck? I don't know but it was funny then and it's funny now.

Rain Rain and more mom was headed out to the mailbox and my LMSP says "I wanna go too Grannndma" yes she drags the word out.
My mom says you need a coat.
Hands on hips, LMSP says "well go get my coat"
My mom says "you don't have one here"
LMSP "yes I do, my ooh ooh aah aah"
Mom "what?"
LMSP "my ooh ooh aah aah coat IS here"
Mom "What are you talking about child?" kind of frustrated at this point.
LMSP: eye roll.."ugh Grannnma, my MONKEY coat!"
Mom looks at me and we both crack up! OH, ooh ooh aah aah, the sound a monkey makes. NOW we have it! LOL
Lord this child!
My mom cooked collards, bbq chicken, hush puppies and pig tails. YEP that's right, pig tails. NO I do not eat them but she loves them. I was talking with my Sissy on the phone and she said "before I let you go Sissy, what are you eating for supper?"
So I gave her the list, and waited. Laughing inside because I knew her reaction.
"ugh did you say "pig tails?"
Me: LOL yes I did
Sissy: what is that
Me: exactly what you think
Sissy: umm you mean...
Me: you know the little curly q that hangs off the back, the last piece to go over the fence
Now I'm cracking up because in my mind I can see her, she has turned red, then white, taken a deep breath, swallowed hard, gagged a little and says...
Sissy: you're kidding me right?
Me: laughing hard now, NO, no kidding, want me to send you a picture
Sissy: yes will you
Me: sure, but be prepared
Then I educated her on hog killing, cleaning, what parts we use and for what. When I was growing up we raised hogs, so this is no big deal to me, for her a city girl, she's freaking out.
I'm laughing. I said You have NO idea how hard we are laughing here, but all in love.
So I texted her the photo

Her text response to the photo! LOL

I saw this that REALLY spoke to me

LMSP is running around singing "hey I think I found myself a cherry girl" and I thought...hmmm not sure I'm liking this song. A week later I'm on my way home and the song comes on the radio in the car and I'm singing along and then I start laughing like crazy because it's "hey I think I found myself a cheerleader" OMG I'm laughing so hard, I pull up at the light and this guy is looking at me like I'm crazy. Whatever

My mom has the tv on and leaves the room, I'm really not paying attention and I hear this guy say "they really like hot biscuits" I said , in my head, what?
I look up and it's an animal rescue show in Australia. The guy is holding a little furry baby kangaroo. I'm thinking, WHY would you give that little guy a biscuit, then I look in his hand. He is also holding a ...
LOL the accent, I'm cracking up and my son walks in, looks at me all confused and says "I'm not even going to ask"

GUESS WHAT???? We found out... my new grandbaby will be a ....

Book ends... Sugar and Beau  (left top) Beau flopped out on me <3 (top right)
Sugar passed out in my lap (bottom left)  Beau has taken over LMSP chair (bottom right)

Cracking both bones in my forearm put me out of work for 3 weeks, then I returned for 3 weeks of driving only, no wheelchairs, no lifts, no assist. I missed work for many reason. One I need the income, two I missed my passengers, three I was going stir crazy at home. However, returning on limited duties meant I missed seeing alot of my favorite passengers. Some of my special needs passengers were THRILLED to see me back. A couple of moms told me they were concerned I had quit and sad over it. That made me feel good, to know I was missed.

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  1. Dawn, I'm so sorry to hear about your arm! Hope you're healing quickly.
    Congrats on your new place and all that cooking you're doing. My husband will love the bacon sushi!
    I think I'll pass on the pigtails, though. LOL
    Congrats on finding out the gender of your new Grandbaby!

    1. My arm still hurts but the ortho said it's healed.
      LOL no pig tails? Me either

  2. Once again LMSP does not disappoint in keeping me laughing. Love your Bacon Sushi. The Pig's Tails? Not so much.

    1. I can't figure out why no one wants pig tails. LOL but I don't either.
      She cracks me up!

  3. Sounds like an eventful month for ya. I love your kitties!

  4. YUM - Bacon Sushi looks delish!! I'll have to try that out! LMSP is pretty cute! I love it when they mis-hear the words to songs. Glad you're back at work and appreciated for what you do! :-)

    1. She loves to sing and seriously misses the words. It's so funny!
      I'm so glad to be back at work, one for the money which we all need and two because I get to see my clients.

  5. oh that LMSP!!!! Love her! OMG Bacon Sushi!!!!! holds my plate out.

    Sending you quick healing vibes

    1. She is funny.The bacon sushi was scarfed up in minutes!

  6. Hibiscus, that one cracked me up. No matter how many times I say it, I can't get it to sound like hot biscuits.

    1. If it helps, the guy was Australian. It could have been because it was early too. LOL

  7. Hibiscus, OF COURSE! And monkey coat, hahaha! The little ones must think we are SO SLOW!

    So are your arms almost back to normal by now?

    1. LOL yes, the money coat... I was laughing so hard. She just rolls her eyes and says "ITS NOT FUNNY" which makes me laugh harder!!
      Arms are healed but hurt.

  8. Sorry I'm late getting over here---I had a crazy weekend. OMG the pig's tails--I'll admit, seeing those on the plate made my throat close up a bit. But as always, your memes are hilarious and that bacon sushi is to DIE FOR!!!

    1. Yeah, if you think they look bad, you should smell them. eww
      The sushi...OMG delicious

  9. I love your pig emojis. That made me LOL for realz!

    1. LOL I know! I knew I had little animal emojis but when I saw the pig! OMG too cute

  10. Bacon sushi sounds great! The pig tails, well I will save all of those for you Mom....
    Glad you got moved and got your internet back.

    1. aww come on my southern bell, no pig tails? giggle
      YES so glad to have my internet back!

  11. Bacon Sushi -- a must for Christmas parties! Loved the bitch quote.

    1. Yes I mean, it's true, if it were easy...LOL
      Bacon sushi is a HIT any time!

  12. I enjoyed all the funnies this month! I always mess up song lyrics! :) Glad you're feeling better!