Friday, September 18, 2015

Spicy Cheesy Chicken Pasta: fotw - september

"FOTW" Fly on the wall post..a peek into my life, work, home and mind. It can be funny and scary!

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 16 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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How about some Spicy Cheesy Chicken Pasta? It was pretty good!
Super easy:
1 cup shredded leftover chicken
1/4 cup broth
2 cups cooked pasta
1 1/2 cups shredded cheese
2 tsp Sriracha sauce
4 slices crispy cooked bacon crumbled
seasoned bread crumbs for texture on top

Prepare pasta according to box. Drain and set aside. In the hot pan add broth, cheese, bacon and sriracha. Stir until cheese is melted, add chicken and pasta. stir well. Sprinkle crumbs on top for crunch.

My friend Joy at Evil Joy posted on her Facebook " make me laugh" here is one response that seriously had me cracking up:
Jacob in walmart today explaining where moth balls come from. "First you catch a moth, pin it down, spread its little legs..." I will let you imagine the rest!

 I found this shirt online, perfect for Karen over at Baking In A Tornado

Less now than when I saw this...sweaters, hot cocoa, bon fires, crunchy leaves under our feet...ahh
Our weather has dropped into the 50's at night and mid-eighties during the day. LOVIN' IT

Saw this sign on the way home from Jersey...T and I laughed so hard, we 

tried to figure out how to get on top of the building to add an A to the front!!!

Have you ever had something embarrassing happened to you and you just wish there was a reboot button or could have a do over? That happened to me recently. We were at my boyfriend's dads visitation he had just passed away we were at the funeral home and I blacked out and fell breaking my arm. Now I did not tell anyone that I broke my alarm for about six hours at that point I was in so much pain and it was swollen and discolored I had no choice. Why did I wait you ask because it was a hard enough time for the family I didn't want to add anything to what was going on so I kept quiet until it was over with. Plus I was embarrassed by the whole ordeal. I had not eaten all day it was a very emotional moment and my blood sugar dropped. I'm really good at taking care of everybody else, I just really suck at taking care of myself.

Yep, me... August 24 at 0300 in the ER... cast from elbow to finger tips

Here's a little TMI - it is impossible to put on a bra with one arm. It is also very hard to do most everything else. Typing for example takes forever to type with one hand. Thank God for my iPhone I am talking to the notepad ,then I edit it and I email it to myself . Then I copy and paste the email into my blog. It's either that or give dictation to my son who is not thrilled about typing for my blog.

An amazing story of good Samaritans... the driver is my oldest son! It was very


Little Miss sassy pants has lost two bottom teeth.  She was showing me where her new tooth was peeking through she was so excited she said shush don't tell my mom she doesn't know yet. Then she giggled and ran off.

One of my daughter-in-law's is a radio DJ. It is a very funny show with her and her co-host. (Sept 2) this morning I was listening to them while going to pick up my boyfriend. They were waiting for caller number 13 to win a pair of tickets to a beach blast on Labor Day weekend when the lady called and they told her she was the winner she was like awesome and you hear the smacking noise. My daughter-in-law says are you chewing gum and the lady response no I'm eating a beef stick. My daughter-in-law laughs and says man I could go for smacking on a beef stick right now. Her co-host cracks up and she says no no no that's not what I meant. I'm driving down the road laughing and I send her a text which I talk to my phone to do,I'm not using my hands and I said smacking a beef stick huh?, and she replies oh my god my face is so a red. I told her "guess what you're going to be on Septembers fly on the wall post."
Family and coworkers are the best material!!

I'm talking to a friend and she says "I'm really hungry I could go for some snatch right now."
I laughed and said I hope you mean snack.
NY skyline

September 5... I realize just how tired I am while driving down the interstate when this truck passes me with red letters on his back window it said hot ride but I swear when I first looked at it I thought it said hot pot and then I thought it said hot fire, I probably should pull over. FYI I didn't but I drank some water, turned up the music and keep going. I drove 500 miles in 8 hours that day.

LMSP  kept saying "I love you" and then ummm, which always means she wants something.

My mom said what do you want
she said i forgot because you interstated me
we all laughed, you mean interrupted, she said whatever
eye roll

Today (9/8) my Facebook "memory" shows post up to 5 years ago. I was literally LOL'ing. 4 years ago my status was "Today while in my local "mom and pop" hardware store I asked the clerk if they sold chicken feed. He looked at me and said "you got chickens?" Not feeling overly friendly, I looked at him and said "NO I thought I'd feed it to my giraffe" He looks at me all wide eyed and said You got a giraffe?? I said yes now do you have chicken feed." I swear some people are dumb as dirt.


  1. I loved reading about everything this last month. I completely get the whole faint thing when at the family funeral. I would have done something similar trying not to draw attention to myself. Sorry for the family loss and your broken arm.

    1. Glad you stopped by. Yeah...I soooo did not want attention. It was serious "red faced" moment

  2. Every time I see that pic of your son's truck I am so thankful that just the right people came along at just the right time.
    And I'm thinking whoever made that t-shirt knows me. I NEED it!

    1. My son and his wife met the guys who saved him. She put out a call on her radio show for help finding the guys. they all met. AWeSOme moment

  3. So sorry about your arm (and I bet you've learned to take better care of yourself)! And the good Samaritan story is very inspiring! Thank goodness everyone was okay.

    1. I have been taking supplements, not knowing about the low potassium and magnesium, now I'm up and running.

  4. Crazy month - I hope you arm is healing nicely. And wow...glad you son is okay!!

    I'm sure it IS a hoot listening to your daughter in law! Funny beef stick comment! Giraffe feed was a good one too!!

  5. So sorry about your arm, glad you feeling better. Accidents are scary, glad all is well.
    Yes, Baking In A Torndado needs that shirt...........

  6. Unfortunately, so many of us women are like that -- taking care of everyone else instead of ourselves. Sorry about your arm - OUCH! Loved the word picture you made of autumn -- sweaters, hot cocoa, bon fires, crunchy leaves under our feet...ahh

  7. I'm sorry about your arm and your son's accident. I'm so grateful the right person came along! Thank you for the glimpse inside and the laughs!

  8. I'm so sorry about your arm! I'm amazed that you were able to do all of this with your phone!!

  9. So that's what happened to your arm. I did wonder... I'm afraid to ask, but what is a beef stick really? Is it like jerky? I've never heard the term smack on a beef stick before, and before I start using it, I need to make sure I don't embarrass myself as much as your poor daughter in law.

  10. Good grief! What a month!! It sounds like you're keeping everything in check with a good dose of humor though. Good for you!

  11. So glad your son is okay! So scary.

    I think it's funny your DIL was embarrassed by saying that - I would have said it on purpose. LOL

    Hope your arm heals quickly. I have to mind my blood sugar too. If I don't eat, it's lights out.