Friday, August 7, 2015

Secret Subject Swap

Pet Peeves...everyone has them. You may know it as "soap box" issues or things you "vent" about.
I have a few, honestly I used to have a ton of them but I've learned to relax and not let things bother me like they used to.
Today, Sunday July 26th, as I write this post, I have several pet peeves... 
people who should mind their own business
people who judge others
people who claim you said something when it was really them
drivers who do not give a signal
drivers who cut in front of you only to stop and put on a signal AS they are turning
people who have children but don't take care of them
people who have pets and don't take care of them
nurses who go into nursing only for the money
doctors who have NO bedside manner
fast food that takes 20 minutes at the drive thru
fast food workers who can't count change
cashiers who can't work a register
bag boys who put can food in with your bread
people who walk around the store acting like they are the most important folks in the universe talking LOUDLY on their cell phone and rolling their eyes when you need to get past them because they are just STANDING there taking up space!
people who when you walk by them in a store and say excuse me to get by, because they are blocking the ENTIRE aisle, look at you like YOU did something wrong
calling a 1-800 number and having to press English then getting someone who barely understands the language
people who do not have kids telling me how to raise mine
people whose kids are the worst trying to tell me how great theirs are and how bad mine are
teachers who grade on a curve because their favorite student is failing so all students look the same instead of the reality that some suck
people who think the world "owes" them a living instead of getting off their @$$ and getting a job to take care of themselves
women who have a half dozen kids and then all they do is complain about them
people who call their kids derogatory names, like stupid, ugly, moron, punk,etc...

OH lawd help me if I don't stop I may never!

Okay one more... you go out to eat with someone only for them to play on their phone or send text while talking to you, worse yet, you go over to the house and they are constantly texting, sending emails and posting on FB. RUDE

YES it has been a helliacious morning and so my "peeve" list is long. NORMALLY my list consist of rude, inconsiderate people and bad drivers.

Now to answer your question as to WHY I'm writing about this:

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 16 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

Your “Secret Subject” is:
What are your 5 top pet peeves and why?
It was submitted by:   

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  1. Ahhhh..... pet peeves. They make the world go.... somewhere. I'm not sure where.

    1. My pet peeve list this week has been lying ppl. UGH

  2. oh wow, that's a long list...but I totally agree. I can't stand when hubby takes butter in the middle of bar instead of the end. Hate when drivers don't signal for turns or don't really stop at stop signs. I can't stand when people just talk and talk and talk without really hearing themselves. I can't stand know-it-alls and those who think their advice is really wanted.

    1. Karen on a normal day I have 1-3 but it's been a rough last 2 weeks so....the list is long. YES add know-it-alls to the list.

  3. Bet it felt good to get all that out! One I'd add is people on social media who don't know the meaning of TMI!

  4. I'm pretty sure I agree with all of these! The 2 that stick out most is 'hanging out' with someone while they're paying attention to everything else but you and medical professionals who get into the field for money! Way to go I'm riled up. 😉

    1. Once I started I was "riled" up too! LOL

  5. I agreed with every single one and you won't believe this -- tonight we had guests for dinner and after dinner in the living room, they each sat with their phones texting and what ever while we were all talking -- no eye contact -- they were looking at their phones for 2 hours. My biggest pet peeve is S L O W people - drivers, walkers, workers, and idiots who should know better. There - that's my rant

    1. Oh my! I went to breakfast with a family member and they shut off their phone. I was VERY happy.
      Slllllooooww drivers drive me batty!

  6. Baahahahaha, so those were your top FIVE ;-)
    I agree though. Most of the ones you describe would make my list as well.

  7. That was definitely a long list, but as I read along I found myself nodding my head at absolutely everything that peeves you off. Maybe that's why I hate leaving the safety of my living room...

    1. That's why I don't live in a BIG city, way too many pet peeves!

  8. Jeez when did you get in my head? LOL

    1. LOL seems I struck a nerve with several folks. :D

  9. Yes, yes and YES to all of them!!!! LOL Plus I could add a few more of my own... LOL

  10. I'm with you on this list, though that was considerably more than five! I'd have to add a few of my own, of course... you're right, this could go on FOR -EV -ER.

    Did you write this on a Monday? ;)

  11. Wow!! Power to you for getting that out and sharing it on social media. I am sure due to family reading my blog and hate being judged so much I would have not put down some that you did. Props to you. I have a bunch myself but I try not to think of them lol