Friday, August 21, 2015

Brownie Bite Sundae and FOTW August

It's that time of the month...Fly On The Wall. This is when you get to have a peek into my life, home and job. The craziness and laughs will keep you coming back!

Prepare a basic brownie, I added walnuts to the mix
Allow to cool and cut into 16 small bars. Take 1 bar and cut into bite size pieces.
Place those pieces on a plate and place a large scoop of Salted Caramel Truffle ice cream.
Place a dollop of cool whip, ready whip or fresh cream on top.
Drizzle that with caramel and chocolate

HOME granddaughter, LMSP, lost her first tooth! She will be 5 in October. She was so excited, running all around showing her gap and telling us she got "FUH IVE DOLL ERS" for her tooth. She has this Southern twang that is hysterical.
LOOK My future grandbaby! The size of a plum right now! I was blessed to see the baby bump last weekend and my youngest son. It was wonderful. It had also been 18 months WAY too long for a momma to go without seeing her son!

My friend said:  My little sisters used to sing "I've got two chickens with parasites" instead of "two tickets to paradise" LMAO

While at the wedding... things you've never heard before:
"hold'er up so she don't fall over"
"hot dang, the swamp dog mascot is here!"
"is the pig here yet"

The wedding party walking out to "all about that bass" and "Lynard Skynard" just to name a few. Each couple in the wedding party had a different song. We really enjoyed ourselves and the heat wasn't totally awful plus we had a breeze. Here I am goofing off with the bride (my adopted daughter)

I'm driving this guy home and he says, "so you married?"
I'm thinking here we go again... "no"
He says "why not, what's wrong with you?"
I'm insulted, I said "there's nothing wrong with me, it was him. Been there done that"
He said "oh, yeah it's hard work and takes 2"
Me: "yes very true"
He says "don't worry, you're young, nice looking, a little heavy but still pretty, you'll find someone"
Me: "Gee thanks, a back handed compliment. But for your information, I have a boyfriend"
He says: "hahaha so how old are you anyway?"
Me: "Old enough to know better. I'll be 50 my next birthday"
He says: "WHAT, 50? Man you look GOOD and real young"
Me: "thanks"

You've read about John, the old flirt on the senior route, here he is helping Ms A, she's 96! We all laughed so hard about his "bag" matching his pants! LOL They are such fun.

One of my favorite passengers is Ms. Nellie, every time I drop her off she tells me I'm her favorite and number one driver, she also says "I loves you and I knows you always got my back" Well last week I dropped her off and she looks at me, "I'm gonna tell you like my grandchillins tells me, you my number 1 boon coon" I about fell out of the bus laughing! I said I've been called a lot of things but "boon coon" is NOT one of them. LOL

Taking S to the dentist and he ask " can you come inside and hold my hand"
No I have other passengers to pick up
S: can you go to my house tonight and hold my hand
No. I have a boyfriend
Oh...okay says S
Then he tells me to have fun on the 15th at my daughters wedding and ask "did you buy a new dress"
Yes I did
S: I bet you'll look great
Me: I don't know, probably more like a blue whale
S: I like you just like you are, I think you're perfect
Me: You've been in the sun too long let's get you inside because you're delirious
LOL these men!

I'm taking Mr K home and when I arrived at dialysis I said "HEY big flirt"
Mr K: hey hey that's right you know me "BIG"
Me: I said big FLIRT
Mr K: but you said big
Me: right, FLIRT nothing else
Mr K: I'm still big
Me: okay we're not starting that today
he just grins at me...I don't wear perfume so it much be my deodorant that attracts these men, or my sweat!

My work ride, depending on which one I drive it holds 8 passengers and 2 wheelchairs or 2 chairs and 10 or 16 passengers. It's 20 ft long and the lift is in the back. Pretty sweet ride, right?

Mr K: look at this hand, see how black it is?
Me: yes why
Mr K: it's so black that when I eat tootsie rolls I wear gloves so I don't bite my fingers off
Me: ROTFL you are NOT right Mr K! Oh my gosh, crazy man
Mr K: all right sweetheart see ya next week

Just a peek into my go see what everyone else has been up to!

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  1. those men are the biggest flirts!!!! Congrats on your newest grandbaby to be!!!!

    1. Thank you! and yes, these men flirt more than any 30 yo I know

  2. Walnuts in brownies reminds me of my Dad.
    Not matter how much I fussed about it, they were always included. <3
    I am so glad you got to see your son and attend such a fun event!
    Sounds like you made some wonderful memories with incredible people this month.

    1. My daddy loved brownies but they better include nuts! Lots of fun memories

  3. Sounds like such a fun wedding! Let me guess: roasted pig? YUM! I love it when kids mis-hear the words to music too. Fun post!

  4. I love all the personality that came through at that wedding.
    Congratulations on the baby! So glad you got to see your son.
    Those people you shuttle around sure are funny. They'll do as good a job in keeping you in Fly on the Wall material as LMSP.
    I need a brownie sundae.

    1. The hours are long, the pay is miserable but Dang I love my passengers!

  5. Replies
    1. oh honey's there's so much I can't tell !!!

  6. Dawn, Congrats on the new grand baby! That's fantastic news! You KNOW how much I love hearing about your patients. I bet you make them smile as much as they make you smile <3

  7. YAY Baby Bump -- one in our family as well -- just found out! Isn't it exciting! Such a simple dessert and it looks great. Enjoyed the back handed compliment that actually turned into a better one.

  8. Your work certainly sounds like a lot more fun than mine does. I love the things that came out of the mouths of your clients.

  9. Very funny! So glad I stopped over from Wonderful Wednesday!