Friday, August 14, 2015

Another Installment Pearl and William UYW

Today as you read this post I am traveling, only a few hours, but it is a very exciting day! A few reasons.
1 my adopted daughter is getting married tomorrow, so today is the rehearsal
2 two days off work
3 spending time with my honey
4 AND the biggie!!!! I get to see my youngest son and his wife! WOO HOO First time in 18 months!
I never ever ever dreamed it would be 18 months before I was able to see one of my boys. I'm doubly excited because they are expecting their first child! I get to see my DIL and her baby bump! YES I am over the moon as I write this and doing a happy dance inside. Next Fly on the Wall post I will have a few photos and I am sure lots of phrases, conversations and other things to share with you all but for now... it's time for Use Your Words and another installment of #PearlandWilliam. Enjoy

In case you need to catch up, listed below are the previous installments:
Installment 1 :a love story

That crazy Dillon flew by the house like a possessed demon in his blue impala. He loved that car, his possession, almost with some crazed supernatural scary passion. He was a freak but hot! Dang how she hated the fact that he fueled her flame...well she couldn't think about him. He was 19, she was 14. No good would ever come of that relationship and if her Father had ANY idea that she like Dillon,oh man...Daddy would wig out and send Dillon straight to jail or worse. Cindy shook her head. No, no, do NOT think about Dillon. She sighed and turned back to the diary she had found. Her cousin had been reading it for months now. Off and on. It was fascinating, thinking about her ancestors and the crazy life they lived. Amish! Who would have ever dreamed she came from Amish folks. The thought made her laugh out loud.
She quickly hid the diary when she saw Molly coming her way, what a drag to have all these relatives in the house. Molly was wearing her black jeans, black shirt and coat. That's all she ever wore. Today's tee had "arch angels" some def metal band on the front and her jewelry was bullets made from acrylic and see through. Molly called them "rock salt bullets" whatever that was.Picking up the diary...
Sarah stood at the window and watched as the children played outside. She was excited and feeling guilty of this. She was once again with child and excited about this new wee one growing inside but feeling guilty due to having lost a child so recently was she allowed to be happy?
Pearl standing at her window could make out the silhouette of Sarah. She had noticed that a sparkle had returned to her eyes and was thanking God for this. She had so worried and prayed for Sarah since they buried the baby.
Pearl heard a crash, turned and saw that Thomas had knocked over his block stack and was walking around. My how time was flying. It was so hard to believe that the twins were already 1. She smiled and looked for Hanna, she saw her holding her doll and rocking her gently.
Abe and William were out in the fields working, it was almost time for the noon meal. Pearl turned and began to pack the basket. This time of year they didn't have time to come in so the ladies took turns taking the men their meal. Today was Pearl's turn and Sarah would watch the children.
Pearl was on her way toward the big oak tree to meet the men when they heard it. They all turned, screamed and began to run back towards the farm.
Out of nowhere a dark cloud appeared and a loud crashing boom hit. The biggest bolt of lightening any of them had ever seen hit the barn and instantly flames shot from the roof. They ran as fast as they could and began grabbing buckets and forming a line to put out the fire.
THANK GOD it was easily put out. Stirring the hay in the loft to make sure there was no smoldering pieces they were satisfied it was out. Tired they walked toward the porch of the Dawdi house. Sarah had stood and watched in horror praying the fire was easy to put out and that no one was hurt also feeling helpless as she stood with the children.
That night Pearl fell into bed totally exhausted but thankful everyone was safe. Would life ever get any easier?
Abe and Sarah were laying in bed when she turned and said, "Abe I think I am with child again" she heard him do a sharp intake of breath. She held hers. He turned and took her hand. Tears slid down his face. Quietly he said "thanks be to God" and they fell asleep.

Several pages were missing and the next entry said: What a wunderful gut day! Sarah confided in me (Pearl) that she is with child. What a blessing. She said I could share with William when he comes in for the noon meal. Another arrow to add to the quiver. Praise be to God.

Cindy stopped reading and laid the diary down. She sat and pondered what she had just read. After all the trails and hardships their first thoughts were to thank God. She wondered what that must be like.

Stay tuned for next months installment and be sure to check out the other talented bloggers.

Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

Your words are:
Supernatural ~ impala ~ demon ~ rock salt bullets ~ arch angels ~ possession
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  1. I love how you do a continuing story like this! It is a great story!

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  3. Awesome story as always! Enjoy your time with your family. ❤❤❤

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    You managed to fit in some tough words, and you did great!

  5. Oh my gosh!!!! As usual... I wasn't expecting THAT!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT installment.

  6. I love this story. Every month when I read it, I stop and think about my blessings.

    1. Life is so much easier and complicated at the same time now

  7. I just can't get enough of these posts!!!!! Keep them coming!!!!!

  8. wow...I can picture Cindy sitting there and reading. It's a tough life for them, but they look for beautiful blessings and enoy life. Great chapter

    1. Thanks so much. I love this continuing saga

  9. OMG. I was expecting the Winchesters at any moment. Too bad Baby is black and not blue. But if ghosts ever come around, Molly will have all the ammo she needs.

    Sorry! I love the continuation of course, but someone (Sarah) must have been watching Supernatural when she gave up her words...