Friday, July 24, 2015

Quick Indoor Grill Chicken AND Fly On the Wall - July

Today I have a quick indoor grilled chicken recipe to share along with my monthly Fly On The Wall post. I hope you enjoy the chicken and a glimpse into my life. Be sure to visit the other bloggers post as well.

Quick Indoor Grilled Chicken
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp Adobo powder/seasoning
1/2 tsp chili powder
Mix well and rub onto 8 boneless skinless chicken thighs.
Cook on an indoor grill such as George Foreman, this should take about 6-8 minutes. Serve with a salad and side dish, I served a 4 cheese linguine with mine.
Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 13 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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Dialysis and Senior Center
John...well now, let's see. John is in his late 60's, Italian from NY and now living here in NC. The first time I go to pick him up, I open the door , he looks up and stops "HEY you ain't Charlie!" I said, "no I'm not, so are you riding or not?" He smiles great big and says "OH YEAH I'm riding, you're MUCH better looking than ol'Charlie!" Oh man I know I'm in for another one!
With every stop, he's asking me questions.
John: Are ya single?
Me: yes
John: Got a boyfriend?
Me: yes
John: bad
John: wanna cheat on him? he laughs
me: NO! Now behave!
John: well you're no fun!

We stop to pick up Mr. Lee, he gets on, looks at me and smiles. John says, watch out for Lee, he loves the ladies and he's not picky! I said, gee thanks John so what are you saying? He says"oh you women are all just alike, gotta make something out of nothing" I laugh. He grins.
Next day I stop for Mr. Lee, he gets on WHEW, smelling to high heaven! I coughed and said "Mr Lee did you fall in the bottle of cologne this morning?" He grins, leans toward me and says "that's for you honey" OMG really?
These old men I tell you!!

At the Senior center and J walks over to my bus, "Hey you ready to cheat on and leave that boyfriend of yours?"
I said "NO I'm not"
He laughs and says "you're still no fun" and walks off.
My passenger Ms. M says "boy that J is something else"
I said "yeah he's something I just haven't figured out what yet"
She fell out laughing...these old folks keep ya on your toes.

I pull up to a new passengers home, well I had not picked him up before, I jump out of the van and walk toward him sitting in his drive way in a wheel chair. He says "wait a minute, hold on, (takes a deep breath) well it's about damn time they sent me a white woman driver, I'm gonna enjoy this."
He was a back woods male chauvinist and we had a long talk about what women can and can not do and just exactly what I thought of his comment.
YES he called the office and "told" on me, I told them my side and was told he had been an issue before.
THEN the next day I had to return to pick him up and what does he have the nerve to do???? YEP hit on me. He's 68 and has a 25 year old girlfriend that he'd drop in a minute for me. I told him he better keep her if she's willing to put up with him because he would not last 10 seconds with me. UGH...

LMSP= little miss sassy pants, my grand daughter

I'm looking in the kitchen cabinet and my mom walks in, "What are you looking for?"
Me: My honey
Mom: He's not in there
Me: LOL you're getting quicker! And you're right, he's at work.
Mom: smiles and walks off
Some days she's sharp as a tack other days not so much 

Talking about days gone by and strange city names we started talking about books. I used to read "the cat in the boots" to my boys because I just could not bring myself to say "puss" and boots! In the book it says "here pussy" and I'd say "here kitty kitty" ROTFL Guess I was raised old fashioned and I still am to some point.

My grand daughter LMSP said "Hey guess what?!"
Me: what?
LMSP: I'm going to a movie with my Daddy
Me: oh yeah?
LMSP: yeah and it's at a big place, where you have to sit still and not talk, GOSH it's going to be boring!"
Me: LOL yeah I doubt you can go 2 hours without talking
LMSP: I know!
LMSP is watching TV and talking about this "baby", I said he's not a baby he's a toddler. She looks at me like I'm crazy and says "what's a toddler"?
I told her a toddler was after a baby grows some but before they are a big kid, like Brooklynn. Her little sister.
She looks at me, rolls her eyes and says "Brooklynn's not a toddler, she's a rhinoceros"
I'm cracking up, I said you mean "obnoxious?"
NO! A rhinoceros
NO idea where she got that but they she demonstrated what a rhino was, she ran around, jumped, swung her arms in the air and snorted like a pig. OMG talk about funny. I asked her mom and she said "I have no idea accept they have been "having moments" I sure hope they get it figured out.
Now explain to me, how a 4 year old and a 19 month old "figure" out their moments?

LMSP "gramma gramma I want yo grit"
I said "yogurt"
She rolls her and says "what do you think I said?"
Me...counting in my head so I don't adjust the eye roll with a Gibb smack, I said "you said yo grit and it's yo gurt"
LMSP: same difference
Lawd help us when she becomes a teen.

LMSP is playing in the floor and my mom is in a mood, fussing about everything.
LMSP looks up at her and says "what in the world is the matter with you?!"
Mom in a less than pleasant voice says "NOTHING what's wrong with you?"
LMSP rolls her eyes and says "well something is"
Me...I'm cracking up, my mom says "what's so funny?"
Me...laughing "nothing" I'm not even going there.


  1. I thought LMSP was hysterical but now your work experiences are giving her some competition.
    Yup, you must be part squirrel!

    1. No doubt that work gives me PLENTY of material for the FOTW post, I could do one a week for sure.

  2. LOVE LMSP...she's got some personality and wit!!! THose seniors sure do crack me up, good to know you can still be naughty at that age.

    1. Oh honey they are PLENTY naughty that is a fact! I will be one of those feisty old people one day :)

  3. I love my George Foreman grill!
    ...and I secretly get excited about recipes that call for paprika. :)
    I don't use it enough but its such a happy spice.

    1. oh honey I use paprika in almost everything ,except sweets :)

  4. Dawn, that LMSP is going to keep you on your toes for a long time! I love the stories from your patients. I don't think I'd ever stop laughing with them. You may have to pull of to the side of the road to record stories for the next FOTW!

    1. Sometimes I am glad I'm at a stop light or sitting waiting for them to buckle up because I'm laughing so hard I wouldn't be able to drive. I love my patients! Especially the 91 and 96 year old ladies, so precious with so much life experience to learn from.

  5. Boy, she is a smarty pants, lol! Her rhinoceros impression had to have been hilarious to see!

    I'm glad you stood up to the chauvinist passenger. I'm doubly glad that your employers totally understood when you explained the situation.

    1. The dance/impressionation was HYSTERICAL I should have filmed it

  6. Loved all the dialog. You're right -- watch out when LMSP is a teen -- she will tie you up in a knot.

    1. Yeah she's a mess now, in 10 years we're in trouble

  7. Raunchy old guys are awesome when you know how to deal with them.

    Your LMSP is adorably funny!

  8. That recipe sounds awesome! I'll have to try it. And, yes, I attract nuts as well. lol. Thanks for the laughs.

  9. I cant wait to try this recipe. It looks delicious.