Sunday, May 3, 2015

A to Z Scavenger Challenge

Hey y'all how are you today? I'm tired but great. Today I thought I'd share  with you something that one of my sons and I did last week. I got the idea from Tamara over at Confessions of a Part Time Working Mom, she has been doing this A to Z challenge. Well, we put our own twist to it. Instead of making 26 different post, this one will be kind of long because I'm putting them all in one, but it makes sense this way to me and I can explain it all in a way that will hopefully make sense to you as well.

For my idea, the A to Z challenge would be more fun if we did a scavenger hunt, at first I thought let's go to a store and do it, then it was such a beautiful day we decided to go downtown and walk around. So I thought NOW is the perfect time for the A to Z challenge and let's make it a scavenger hunt. We chose two streets and set off. We had to find something that started with each letter of the alphabet. As soon as we got out of the car I'm naming off things and getting my phone camera ready. Oh no!! It can't be that easy with Jesse around. he says "Mom, that's too easy, if you want to do this, do it right. Find the items in order". I'm like, dang Jesse now I'll have to remember where I saw the "Pepsi" sign and come back. He laughs and says "I know". Devious little dickens that he is but he was right. So...of we set to find A.
(I did not receive anything for free, no merchandise, no money, nothing for mentioning any business in this post. I mention them because I choose to.)

HA! Right in front of me is a store with "art" displayed in the window, he shakes his head and says ok but I think that's lame. Gee thanks Jesse!
B is super easy to find since New "Bern" is full of bears. The symbol is ALL over the city and county. If you're curious about the history of the town, follow this link :
C was next and well wouldn't you know it, I parked in front of one of the oldest churches in town. As you can see it was a bright sunny day.
Next to the gallery is the "Pepsi" store, where Pepsi or "Brad's Drink" was originally made and is still sold. Yes New Bern is the birth place of Pepsi but if you take a poll of residents, most folks drink Coke. LOL it's always been funny to me.
Now for E...we're looking all around and BAM there it is, the coolest thing. An "Edgar" Allan Poe lunch box. If it's dark and mysterious Jesse loves it, so EAP is right up his alley. We found this and several other of our letters in this cool new store called The Black Cat Shoppe! Y'all know I HAD to go back and look around. I mean come on, I have two black cats and they specialize in "odd" gifts. Some of the stuff had me CRACKIN' up!!
F..besides Food, flowers and fun what was I going to do. I decided on two, because I'm indecisive. Just ask my honey it drives him nuts! I think that is what happens when you've been a people pleaser for so long, you can't decide on just one thing.
 Farm Finger Tattoos...I don't know WHO comes up with this stuff but I struck me as "funny" yeah I know bad pun.
G and H were both in the Black Cat Shoppe

Limiting ourselves to only 2 streets AND it being after 5 p.m. our choices were becoming limited. We must have walked those same two streets 5 times trying to get all the A to Z items AND in order...why did I let him talk me into going in order? Because it is a challenge :)

Next is a new bar/store that sells over 250 types of beer and imported wines. VERY cool place with a beautiful bar. ANY way, we stayed in here about 45 minutes and went back a second time, we needed a little something. So, here is I, J, K, L, M and you'll see why. The names had me laughing so hard!! The Bruin Craft on Middle Street.
 "I" for IPA
Who doesn't need a little "juju" 
 K be kind to one another, have another brew
 L and M had to be my favorites! I mean come on... "Leghumper" ROTFL folks were looking at me like I just escaped the looney bin. And "Merry Monks" do monks even drink?
N Nauti is the Nauti Paws store, where you find nautical items for your dogs. Kinda weird but cool at the same time. Yes, we have some unique stores downtown.
 "O" for the open sign at Captain Ratty's a restaurant with roof top dining.
 Here ya go... one of MANY "P" Pepsi signs downtown. They're all over the place.
"Q" I looked and looked and could not find anything until Jesse said you could use my shirt. Well, after walking down the street 3 times looking for a Q I conceded. Besides, it's his new shirt and he wanted to be in the picture/post. LOL you can see how he loves his picture taken. He insisted it be of the "shirt" only.
 In front of another church were these gorgeous roses bushes. So...
Red Roses for "R", I know you're thinking it's pink, but in real life they were red and for some reason they look pink in the photo on my computer. So we'll debate the "pink" vs "red" roses like the "white and gold" vs "blue and black" dress that was such a sensation on FB about a month ago.
"S" shrub, yep I was getting tired. At the same church with the roses and "T" for trees.

 Now across the street from the church was another cool "beach" store and I saw this beautiful colored guitar, my son cracks up and says "Mom that a ukulele, not a guitar" I said OMG you're right, there's my U!! he just laughed and shook his head.
 Back at the brewery I found V and W... Vanderbilt Wine. Yeah Yeah I know I cheated by using one item for two letters but I was running out of options and the store owners were beginning to look concerned I had walked by, in and out so many times.
 "X" maybe not, but it's a mariner flag used on ships and since we are on the waterfront flags are everywhere and admit it, it is an X.
 There are now 2 little studios downtown that feature "yoga" classes so for the "Y" I took a photo of one of the signs. They have "hot" yoga classes, ever hear of this? The room is HOT and steamy while you stretch and workout. Gee I don't need any help sweating!
 "Z" back at The Black Cat Shoppe we found "zombie" guns and with the zombie craze these days I thought it was a perfect choice.
So we did it, we found all 26 letters AND in order for our A to Z scavenger hunt, had a nice walk in the beautiful sun shine, had fun, laughed and did silly stuff. Why not... YOLO
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