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SSS April - Creamy Sriracha Pasta

 Today is Good Friday. Sunday is Easter. This is a time of year that I love, Easter, Spring, the renewal of things that have been dead or dormant since Fall. New flowers, warmer weather, babies are being born and life seems to take on a new fresher perspective. 

Today's post is the monthly Secret Subject Swap AND a new recipe!

Creamy Sriracha Pasta
3 cups dry pasta (prepare according to package)
leftover chicken or the whole breast of a rotisserie chicken chopped
1/2 diced yellow onion
1 lb fresh asparagus, cut into 1 inch pieces
1/3 cup chopped sliced carrots
1 cup cooked crumbled bacon
1-2 TBSP olive oil
4 oz cream cheese
4 tsp sriracha sauce
Italian seasoned bread crumbs (garnish for texture)
I had a rotisserie chicken in the fridge that I needed to use up, the entire breast, so I took it out and chopped it up. Now what to do with it? I also had some asparagus. SO I'm thinking a new pasta dish. I love the combination of chicken and asparagus. If you've been around you may have seen THIS dish in the past or THIS one.
Cook the pasta according to the package, the last 3 minutes I tossed in my asparagus and carrots. This will blanch them so if you want a softer vegetable you may want to put them in earlier. I like my veggies to still have a little crunch.
In a skillet add 1-2 TBSP olive oil, your diced onion and cooked crumbled bacon. I do this so the onion and bacon flavors can marry up. I only used 1 TBSP of olive oil but depending on how much onion you have you may need more. Allow it to cook down until the onion is clear. Set aside.
Once the pasta is done, drain it but reserve 1/3 cup of the liquid. Add the liquid back into the pot along with the cream cheese and sriracha sauce. Allow the cheese to melt and stir well. Now toss in your pasta, chicken, and veggies. Stir well. You can add more or less. I wanted the flavor without all the fat. You can use low fat cream cheese and add more. I didn't want to taste cream cheese pasta but to have the creamy affect. Also if you like spicier food add more sriracha. I am not able to tolerate spicy food and this had a tad kick to it but not too much. Stir in your bacon and onion mix as well. Lastly, I sprinkled Italian seasoned bread crumbs on top of my serving for texture and a little added crunch, you can leave this off if you prefer.
The result was a great dish. This made 8-10 servings, you can cut back on the pasta and make a smaller dish if it is just you. My son and I ate this for 3 days but did not get tired of it.

Have you seen the Jim Carey movie "Liar Liar"? Well, in the movie he looses his filter, he can not lie and tells the truth, unadulterated, unfiltered truth.
What if you woke up one morning and your filter was gone? How would your day go? Do you think you would win friends and influence people or would you become a hated lonely person?
Let me tell you, here I sat in the coffee shop minding my own business when the waitress brought me my tea. I took a sip and thought it didn't taste quiet right. I shrugged and drank it. eww bitter after taste. I glanced at my phone for a time check and saw I needed to get moving.
I gathered my things and headed for the door. This guy walks in front of me and bumps me, knocking items out of my hand. I just looked at him. He totally ignores me and walks out. I said "jerk, what the hell, am I invisible, thanks so much for your concern I'm fine!" I pick up the items, toss them in the trash and walk out. When I stepped outside I realized what I had just done. Dang....what's wrong with me. I may think these things on occasion but rarely say them out loud. AND if I do think them it is because it has been a super long day where any and everything has gone wrong.
I head to my car, DAMN now where are my keys, I'm getting aggravated and finally find them in the bottom of my purse. Gosh I hate this purse I mumble and open the door. Once in I turn on the radio, blah blah blah yakkety yakkety, just play some damn music will you people! Good grief I hate all this talking and advertising...grumble mumble bitch and whine.
Off I go, OMGosh where did all the idiot drivers come from today? Is everyone  going to be in my way? By the time I get to work I'm fuming, walking in and cussing everything in sight. My assistant gives me that "deer in the headlights" look and I'm like WHAT
I am oblivious to any of it. I'm frustrated, fuming and stomping around. Slamming the desk drawer I catch sight of myself in the mirrored window in my office.
WHO is that? Oh snap it's me. WHAT was in that tea?
I take a deep breath, calm myself, refocus my spirit and the phone rings. It's the school calling about some project my son didn't finish on time and how if I were a more involved parent this would never happen. OMWord this poor disillusioned woman, by the time I'm done with her she's handing in her resignation and in tears!
Do NOT ever question my ability to be a mom!!
I wake up in a cold sweat. Okay no more pizza at bedtime. WOW my actions, my anger,my mouth! WHEW...yeah you don't want me without a filter. I used to not have one. I was rude, I was loud, I was mean. I didn't care if I hurt your feelings or not. Then I grew up and realized I was an angry teenager for a reason. Life had been very cruel, things had been done to me by family members that should never have happened. I was bitter, hurt and acting out. Thank God he intervened in my life. I let go of the anger, forgave those who wronged me and grew up. It is hard sometimes, if i don't focus, pray and keep in mind WHO lives in me, I will revert backwards and it is not pretty. We must all have filters, why go around intentionally hurting others. I can be cruel, sarcastic and down right rude at times to those I care about and to total strangers. WHY? Because I forget who I am and that We ALL have feelings. Normally it is when I am hurt and acting out. I have to forgive others, even when they don't ask for it because it is not about them, it's about me. My actions, my consequences.
So I choose to have a filter and I choose to forgive and I choose to love, even the ones who have hurt me the most.
These days I'm a happy person, a loving, giving, caring person. I have a LOT of filters and I forgive. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes. I do not want others to feel the way I have felt, I do not want to be the cause of someone else's pain. I have been on the receiving end so many times and I do not plan on being the reason for anyone else to feel the way I have felt a million times.
Filters are good. Filters are necessary and forgiveness is key. 

Your “Secret Subject” is:
You lost your filter. Normally, you can bite your tongue, you're level headed, you can hold back comments when you hear morons chatting-but now that gift is gone. You'll get it back eventually but in the mean time you are completely uncensored, your words, gestures, urges cannot be masked or hidden. What will be the first thing to set you off-and what will you say/do?
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Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

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