Friday, February 6, 2015

SSS February

Hi everyone! So glad you stopped by. I know you think I fell off the planet. I didn't, I just feel into a new life.
Work, school, my family, a new love interest. Yeah, it's been kinda crazy. I work 20 hours a week and go to school 30 hours a week. I am averaging about 4 hours sleep a night but am the happiest I've been in YEARS! This is all so new to me. Who would have thought that at 25 years of age (with 24 years of experience) that I'd be starting my life over AND enjoying it?! Crazy? Yes!
You did catch the math quiz above, right? wink ;)
I promise, one day I WILL get back to cooking and sharing with you all, but for this stage in my life, I'm enjoying it as it comes and participating in these Friday writing challenges.

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

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Your “Secret Subject” is:
where is one place you've always wanted to travel but haven't, and why haven't you gotten there yet?
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Thank you to gndisney for sending this prompt. There are several places I have not traveled and would love. Why have I not been so far? One word, okay, two, time. If I had the money I would have made the time. Here are a few places I'd love to go and why I want to.

Germany: I lived there for 3 years and LOVED every minute of it.  I would go back in a heart beat, no questions asked. I lived in the area of Bavaria and have dreamed of returning for 27 years now. My youngest son is now in the Air Force and has been informed that IF he is ever stationed there, that his momma WILL be visiting! LOL 
This was me in October 1986 not long before returning to the US.

Australia: Because it's Australia! The land down under. The home to Steve Irwin, who I admire and loved dearly. It was so heart breaking to see his life snuffed out but he was doing what he loved. I'd of course visit the zoo, and spend days upon days traveling the country side. I have watched numerous TV shows from Australia that made me want to visit there even more.
Australia scenery! INcredible

I would love to travel the US and hit all the National Landmarks, the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty (actually I'd love to spend 2 weeks in NYC touring and trying all the fabulous restaurants there), Yellowstone, Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge, the list goes on and on.

Spain: I have always thought of it as a passionate and romantic place. There seems to be a slower pace, they are passionate, the history is rich, the country side is gorgeous and who doesn't want to visit somewhere on the Mediterranean Sea.

Did you ever see the BucketList movie? Well, I have a long bucket list and it is filled with places I'd love to go and things I'd love to do. I have actually started marking things off! For instance, last September when my world fell apart. I decided to do something off of my bucket list. So I grabbed a friend and we set off for the day. We drove in the convertible all over the Outer Banks of NC, ate fabulous food, whistled at some construction workers, walked on the beach, wrote in the sand, laughed, took ridiculous photos of each other, and just lived for the day. We watched the sun rise and set from a boat out in the ocean. It was an incredible time and I had to ask myself WHY had I waited so long to "LIVE", the answer was simple. I was waiting on someone else, waiting for him to do these things with me and realized it was never going to happen. He was not interested. I had spent 25 years being miserable, missing out on life, while he was "doing his own thing" to put it mildly. So now I'm living and loving every minute of it.

So there you have just a taste of where I'd like to go. Where would you like to go? What's on your bucket list? Are you living? If not, why, what are you waiting for? GET OUT THERE AND LIVE
You Only Live Once

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