Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Cream

I don't know about you, but when I was growing up snow was a rare thing. Maybe once a year if we were lucky we'd get an inch of snow. We'd (we meaning me, my cousins or neighbor kids)bundle up and run outside, faces up to the sky, tongues stuck out catching those tiny flakes of snow. My mom would grab a bowl and gather up 4-6 cups of freshly fallen snow.

In the house she'd go to whip up some snow cream. You know, ice cream but made with snow. No machine needed. No freezing required. Just a bowl and a few key ingredients.
evaporated milk
crushed pineapple
That's it.

Well, it is snowing today here on the coastal NC area and snow it is! In the last 4 hours we have gotten over 4 inches. I know for you folks living up north, over the Mason Dixon Line or in the Midwest you're thinking, 4 inches? Big deal. OH honey! On the east coast, coastal NC, it is a BIG ... no...it's a 
We are not prepared for such. We do not have the equipment and NO ONE knows how to drive in it!
There have already been dozens of accidents and 5 deaths in the last 4 hours.
I am sitting at home where it is safe and warm. I refuse to even try to head to work. DOT is talking about shutting down the bridges.
See here we are surrounded by water and have 2 major rivers that run through our city plus the inner coastal waterway. Bridges are everywhere and ice accumulates there first. It can be very dangerous.
I learned how to drive in the snow and ice when I lived in Germany, but many folks here have NO idea how to drive in anything, rain included.
My granddaughter is here also and she has been chomping at the bit to go outside in the snow. She does not have proper clothing to go outside, but, we did it anyway. Just for a few minutes so she wouldn't freeze. It made her happy and that's what life is all about. Being happy.
I hope you are all safe and warm at home, creating memories, laughing and loving life! I am.

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