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Rockin' the Socks off 2015 - SSS January 2015

Hi and welcome to the FIRST SSS of 2015! Today you'll find we added a few new bloggers to our midst, which we are super excited about and hope you are as well.
Be sure to stop by and read all about them, their blogs and what subject they were given. You'll find my post at the bottom. Thanks for stopping by!

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Your “Secret Subject” is:
 January has arrived. 2015. Tell me about the past year and how 2015 is going to rock your socks.
It was submitted by:  

I have no idea if Evil Joy reads my blog or not and as these topics are assigned randomly it really doesn't matter. My first thought was, wow, she read my mail. Then I remembered it's randomly assigned.

What am I talking about? The subject "the past year and how 2015 will rock" well, it has GOT to be better than 2014! If you've been around any length of time you know that 2014 was NOT my best year as far as my personal life is concerned. 
My soon-to-be-ex left me, no money, no car, no home, no job, no nothing but personal stuff, kitties and my son after 25 years. Gee thanks! I had to relocate not once but twice in a 8 week period. All my life went into boxes and storage. But don't feel sorry for me, please. It was a blessing in disguise. I won't go into the gory details but God knew it would happen, He was not surprised and He has a plan. Now...

First let's look back and remember the GOOD of 2014:
I saw my youngest son (he's in the USAF and lives 2800 miles from me now)
There was reconciliation with my father-in-law and sister-in-law
My oldest son got married! WOOT
I have a new daughter-in-love
My middle son came home! (good and bad for reasons I won't go into)
I left GA! Hallelujah
I enrolled in college, yes at almost 50 I am now a student.
My little grandson was born.
I went on vacation for the first time in 19 years. WAY over due!
I lost 60 lbs without pills, surgery, special drinks, etc...
I met some wonderful online ladies who support me in my struggle to say bye-bye to fat and hello to healthy.
I joined several new writing challenges, this being one, and have met some fabulous bloggers and regained my love of writing.
My Sissy (heart sister not biological for I'm an only child) got married!
A dear dear friend that was like a big sister to me, we lost contact about 8 years ago, found me on Facebook and we've reconnected like we never missed a day! OH How I love technology!

How can 2015 top this? Easy!
I will begin classes on the 26th and am planning to rock the socks off this semester.
I have a job, a full time job, for the first time in YEARS.
The plan is to lose another 60 lbs.
With my job I will be able to support myself, my son, get our own place and a car. Live independently free from a toxic relationship and enjoy life for maybe the first time ever or at-least in 25 years.
My son has found a job and he likes it.
There are plans for a vacation, a trip to see my youngest son and his wife, day trips, and weekends out and about.
Going to festivals, being around friends, watching the sunset over the water, cooking what "I" want.
Learning who I am and who I want to be. Setting goals and reaching them.
Being successful at work and school.
Being a happy person. No joyful person.
Attending church again and not having to fight about it with anyone.

Will 2015 have it's trials? Of course, it already has and it is only the 9th of the month. But that's life.
Will I see victory this year? YES, I already have and will continue. I refuse to be a victim or survive.
I want to be will be a victor and thrive! THAT is the biggest goal this year and THAT is how I will "Rock the socks off of 2015".

Thanks for stopping by!

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