Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goals for 2015

Christmas is done and the new year is upon us. If you go out and party, please be responsible and do not drive after drinking. Please do not text while driving, I'd like you all to stay around a while longer.
I took this photo one morning when I was leaving to go to the college to finish up some paperwork. I like the top and wanted to see how much progress I've made. Weight loss is hard, life is hard and it has certainly been challenging for me this year. I am not where I wanted to be but I am not where I was, so I'll take the small victories and keep moving forward.

Do you make new years resolutions? I do not, because I have never been able to keep them. This year I made goals and I learned a few things by doing that. If I write something down and put it in a place where I will see it, I am more likely to stick with it.
My challenge to myself this coming year will be "in 2015 do 2015 push ups, crunches, squats and planks. That sounds like a lot but when you break it down it is only 5.5 a day. So...I am think I may amp that up a bit. But first I will see if I actually stick with the current challenge and if I do more, great. I also want to be sure that I do SOMETHING everyday, this will help. Even if all I do is this challenge on some days, it is better than nothing.
These photos were taken off of my Instagram, if you're not following me, I hope you will. I post not only photos of the food I'm eating, recipes that I've posted on my blog, my challenges for weight loss and exercise plus random photos of me and my furbabies.
To help me with my workouts, I wear my Taffy workout wear, it is comfortable, cute, sexy and fits so well. Being a plus size lady it's hard to find comfortable clothing. I truly do love my #taffy wear.
I made this little motivational photo one day and it received a lot more attention on FB than on my instagram and that's okay. It helps me and that's really what I was after.
I read a book this year by Michelle Bridges, she is one of the trainers for Australia's Biggest Loser show. In her book, (12 week body transformation) she has a ton of great information, exercises, goal setting help, recipes and more. One thing that struck me was the above:
She talks about setting "smart" goals and what that exactly means and how it looks. This helped me a lot. I had set some unrealistic goals for myself, thus setting myself up for failure. I also set huge goals that looked impossible because I did not break them down into bite size goals. THIS is a must. When I look at my long term goals, I need to see HOW to meet these goals, otherwise it is overwhelming and I just will not do it.

Set aside some time for yourself, write out your long term goals then break those down into short goals. Celebrate each victory no matter how small. Sometimes our victories are not in pounds lost but in confidence gained AND THAT is just as important.

This year has been full of surprises, disappointments and learning moments. I pray that each one of us thrives in 2015. That we meet and surpass our goals, that we encourage someone who is fighting that uphill battle and that we never ever give up on ourselves.

Happy New Year's Eve Eve and may 2015 be glorious!
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