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Fly On The Wall - Dec 2014

Welcome to the December 2014 issue of "Fly On The Wall" where you the reader have opportunity to peek into the lives of bloggers. See what happens in and around our homes, the silliness, the fun, the love, and sometimes the ugly.

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LMSP - Little Miss Sassy Pants is featured this month and I know you've missed her :)

On Thanksgiving Day my LMSP runs in the living room and looks at the TV,
"UGH GRAMMM MA WHY is there no football on?
Yes, my son is a proud man.

Sitting around the table on Thanksgiving reminiscing about days gone by:
Tina my cousin says "well at least your Daddy didn't give YOU a terrible nick name"
Me: ugh yes he DID
Tina: WHAT?
Me: Worm
Tina: laughing like crazy "Oh yeah I forgot that"
great now I reminded her, epic fail

thank you for the photo but the stamp on it says so thanks to them as well
LMSP decides we are going to play a game.
She looks at me: okay, we are going to play "I Spy", you know this game?
Me: yes I do, do YOU know how to play?
LMSP: eye rolls (seriously she's 4) and says "ugh YEESSS who doesn't?"
Me; okay smartie, go
LMSP: go where
Me: NO, play the game
LMSP: okay, I spy, now what
This goes on for almost an hour, it's all I could take. I Spy with a 4 year old is interesting to say the least.
Helping clean out my aunt's spare room and we find a wok with a steam basket. I said "WHAT is she doing with this?" My mom says "I don't know what is it?" LOL
My family does NOT eat anything that is not Southern. Now I do, but they don't. I showed it to my aunt and said "did you know you have this?"
She looks at it and says "well, what is it?" I said "a wok"
I laughed. A wok.
My aunt says "well I didn't know I had it and don't know what the junk is"
OMG I love my family
Guess we know what I'll get for Christmas. :)

Last week I was at my mom's house and LMSP was there, she said "you wanna hear me sing a Christmas song?"
I said, Do you know any.
Well duh yeah (she's 4 for crying out loud, HOW do they get to be so growny?)
She starts singing "Rudolph the red nosed other reindeer, Jingle bell jingle bell rock jingle all the way, won't you sleigh tonight" and starts again with the Rudolph part again.
I couldn't help it I started laughing.
My mom starts singing Rudolph the correct way, LMSP jumps out of the chair, stomps across the room, picks up a piece of paper, growls and tears it in half. My mom said "well are you mad at something?"
LMSP says "Stop singing it hurts my langs!"
Now we are both laughing!
Langs? What are those, we just laughed and laughed.

A comment on a FB status, she replied : "  I would have been on that faster than a redneck on a deep-fried twinky at a county fair today."

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