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Italian Fried Rice - Use Your Words - Pearl and William part 10

Good gracious, half of November has already passed us. This year has really flown by and so many changes have taken place in my life but that's a post for another time.

Today's post is a writing challenge, you know the one, Use Your Words, this is where a blogger gives me a random 4-6 words or short phrases for me to create a post with. Well, as you know if you've been by before, since February of this year I've been taking those words and continuing along with a story "Pearl and William - a love story" and you my loyal readers keep asking for more. So today that's exactly what you'll get. More of the story.

Along with a recipe of course. This recipe was created using leftovers, however, you could easily create it from scratch. It's quick, simple, filling and a crowd pleaser to those guys in your family, especially if they are under 21.

Your words are: 
Thank you ~ Suits ~ Art ~ Corn ~ Window frames
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Italian Fried Rice
2 cups cooked rice, cooled
olive oil
Italian seasoning (basil, oregano, garlic,parsley, fresh  cracked black pepper)
diced onion
diced sweet peppers, red, orange, yellow (whatever you have on hand)
chopped pepperoni
1/2 lb lean ground beef, cooked
3-4 TBSP tomato sauce

In a large skillet heat your oil, just enough to "fry" the rice, 2 TBSP max, toss in the veggies and cook until they become tender, add the meat, rice and seasonings. Stir quickly and cook until everything is heated through, lastly add in the tomato sauce. 
Serve with a salad or something fresh like my apple basil slaw for something fresh and different.
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If you are new or may have missed an installment, you can read all the previous parts by clicking the numbers below:
Installment 1 :a love story

Pearl stood looking out the window frame which had been cleaned and polished until they shown like new. Oh, Thank You Lord for this day, this miracle and the man I'm about to marry.
Tears slid down her cheeks as she thought back over the last year, oh the events that had taken place.
She wiped away the tears and shook head, no today was not the time for tears, except happy ones.
She was finally going to marry her man William. Her man. Oh how giddy it made her feel. Pearl's family had surprised her the day before, all of them traveling to Ohio to join her for this joyous occasion. she was overwhelmed. Again she thought, thank you.
Looking out one last time before she set about redding the room and dressing, she looked out the window frame at the art work of the sunrise. She smiled and started about her day.
Over in the Dawdi house, William was also looking out the window and saying his own thanks. November had arrived, the wedding month, Thanksgiving and his wedding day. Yes, his, one he two years ago never thought would happen. He was marrying Pearl today. A day that would forever be etched in his mind and on his heart.
Abe walked over to William and placed his hand on his shoulder, William he said, we have much to do, corn to haul in and animals to feed so get yer head out of the clouds and let's move on. William laughed, head in the clouds. Yes he guessed it was.
The children were all a twitter, Sarah was smiling, Pearl's Ma was smiling and humming. Oh the joyous sounds that filled the room.
The day progressed and Ma took a moment to steal Pearl away, give her the "talk" and prepare her for what lie ahead that night. Pearl blushed and did not speak but Sarah had already talked with her. During that same moment, the men were getting ready in the Dawdi house, putting on suits, who would ever have thought, an Amish couple devoted to their faith and life style adding in Englischer ways.
After much debate and counsel with the bishop, it was agreed upon that suits were in order.
The tables were set, there was enough food for a small army or at least a village. Corn, the wedding salad, carrots, cakes by the mile, pies, roast, turkeys, bread...oh so much food prepared by family with loving hands. Tears again formed as Pearl passed the tables on her way to her groom who stood waiting under the big oak tree in his suit.
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The bishop started the service with a small sermon, saying thank you to all who traveled and shared this day with the couple. Admonishing them to hold the couple in prayer, to keep them on the narrow way and to train them in the ways of the Lord as their families had done with them.
Bishop motioned for Pearl and she along with her Pa made their way to William who stood waiting for her. By his side was Abe and her brothers. On the other side stood Sarah, the children and all her sisters. Tears of joy ran down her face and she tried to compose herself in a respectful way but it was awful hard.
They stood, Pearl and William in the sight of man and God and pledged their love to one another, made their vows and then...shared their first kiss.
Oh and what a sweet knee weakening kiss it was.
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The rest of the day was full of toast, cheers, hugs, well wishes, words of wisdom given my friends and family and of course lots and lots of food.
But to take a peek and see Sarah and Abe sitting side by side, holding hands was more of a miracle than any other. Pearl smiled, gave Sarah a knowing nod and held on to William's hand a little tighter.

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And there you have it. Pearl and William are now married. Will I continue on? I guess that depends on you, the readers, do you want more? Are you tired of this story? Let me know and thank you for your kind words, love and support during the 10 months of writing this saga.


  1. So... I have all these ingredients on hand. I have plenty of leftover pepperoni, from your pizza pockets recipe we made today. This looks delicious.
    Also, I'm trying to figure out how I missed this post the first time it posted. No idea. That being said... it fills in a huge blank I had with William and Pearl. I'd been wondering about them being married and the wedding.

    1. I don't know but glad you found it! Yes..if you miss one part, you might be a little confused