Monday, November 24, 2014

Honey Nut Snack Bites

 With the holidays fast approaching and lots of time on my hands, I needed a snack that was satisfying and somewhat healthy. I'll admit, the cereal may not be the best choice, but you could use an organic brand that is better.

I have been enjoying these and my son, who is a sugar-aholic like his mom, has been eating the heck out of these things.

Quick to make, no baking required, chances are you have the ingredients and nut free.

A few years ago I developed an allergy to peanuts. Being someone who literally ate peanut butter everyday of their life, this was a big deal. Other nuts do not bother me but the price of other nut butters did. It is outrageous what they charge.

I tried the sunbutter and even made my own but it just was missing something. Then one day at the store I saw this... WOWbutter, it said it was nut free. I thought why not, it won't be the first $3 I ever wasted and come on, it was $3. So I bought it, took it home, opened it up and read the label again. Yep, nut free. MAN it smelled JUST like peanut butter. I took a taste, whaaat?? I read the label again, yep nut free. I was thrilled! I could again enjoy "peanut butter" but without getting sick! I have used it in cookies, brownies, pies, fruit dip, etc... and no one knows it is not real peanut butter. So if you miss out eating peanut butter due to someone in your family having an allergy, give the WOWbutter a try and no I'm not paid for this endorsement. I'm just sharing what I like and why.

Honey Nut Snack Bites
2 TBSP Greek Yogurt, I used salted caramel
1/4 cup honey
1 cup coconut
1 cup mini chocolate chips or cocoa nibs
2/3 cup WOWbutter (this is a plant based butter that taste and smells like peanut butter)
3 cups crushed Honey Nut cheerios (or whatever cereal you like)

Crush the cereal in a large bag or your food processor. I did not crush mine as much the first time as I will the second time. The smaller the pieces, the easier it bonds together.
Stir together your honey, nut/soy butter and yogurt. In a bowl combine all the dry ingredients and mix well with the wet.
Form ball or bite size pieces (however small you prefer - mine were golf ball size) and place them on a cookie sheet, then place in the fridge until they are firm. Store in an air tight container for a week if they last that long.
Because of the size, I was able to get 24 bites. This may vary depending on your cereal and bite size.

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