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Fly On The Wall - Oct 2014

It's that time again, yep, Fly On The Wall. The time when a group of bloggers share the daily tid bits, funny stories and photos of our daily lives. Be sure to check out the other post. You'll find the list at the bottom.

I'm sharing tid bits of laughter from my recent trip home. I was there for a month. I enjoyed food, fun, day trips, my Little Miss Sassy Pants, family, friends, shopping and more! Oh yeah and my 30th year class reunion...gosh that makes me feel old.

Shopping with my mom, crazy HIGH heel shoes, I click a few pics, just because. I hear "Dawn, how about these?" And turn to see my mom holding these crazy red shoes. I cracked up, "you want them?" Ugh no I'd break my neck. hahaha

Home from our weekly Wally World trip, I hear something and go in the kitchen, there's my mom with the meat drawer.
Me: what's wrong
Mom: eww the bacon drained in the drawer and left a puddle. All I could think was later I'm gonna smell nasty smoky water and wonder where the dead animal is.
Me: laughing, WELL mom, the dead animal is IN the "meat" drawer
Mom: ugh you know what I mean
On our weekly trip to Wally World I saw these items, would you buy and eat them? The maple bacon is one my husband would love, the autumn velvet was pretty but WAY too many ingredients that I can't pronounce. I prefer to bake from scratch.

EARLY on Monday mornings my son drops off Little Miss Sassy Pants, I mean 4:30 a.m. On the first Monday I was at my moms I hear them coming in the door. She's talking. Then he leaves so I'm guessing she's gone back to sleep. YAY cause I'm not a morning person.
7:20ish I hear her little feet coming down the hall and she is chatting up a storm.
I come out of the bedroom and she says:
LMSP: Gramma can cook whatever she wants cause I'm hungry and we're ALL gonna eat Pancakes YAY Pancakes with syrup!
Me: You want pancakes?
LMSP: YES with syrup, you want some too you can eat some Gramma cook some for all of us hurry I'm hungry (all in one breath)
My mom: she woke up asking if you were here
Me: yeah she was awake when her daddy dropped her off I heard her talking
LMSP: giggling - I was fake sleeping Gramma, more giggling

Have you seen these? ummm I'm think NO! These are not photo shopped, I looked around online, they are for real. Released as holiday specials in 2012.
Okay, I'll admit it, I might would try the cinnamon sugar and if the white chocolate didn't have peppermint I might would try those as well. Just because I'm a curious person.

OMGosh I'm laughing so hard, as I type this I am listening to LMSP and my mom. ROTFL
LMSP: Gramma whatcha doing?
My mom: getting dressed
LMSP: why do you have your back to me, turn around Gramma
My mom: I will. Let me get dressed.
LMSP: ugh...deep breath "GRAMMA turn around, I've seen your boobs before!"
OMG I'm dying in here!
LMSP: I've seen my mommy's boobs and my other grandma's boobs and your's too. GOSH
Oh lawd, my side hurts I'm laughing so hard.

I brought lots of clothes with me to NC for LMSP. I gave them to her one morning and I was all excited. She just sat there. No expression, nothing. THEN I came to the play shoes and she got all happy, jumping around, grabbed them and took off. Now I know the way to her heart, a true girl, pink shoes and heels at that.

Are you ready for Halloween? We don't celebrate but love some of the decorations and creative ideas I'm seeing:

My class reunion...well it's been 30 years since I've seen most of them. I would have walked right by. Balding, pot belly men or gray hair. You're who? OH jaw drops...well they look at me and go WHO? Right. I was 5'2" tall then and 100 lbs. We won't even go there.
LOTS of alcohol was consumed, some serious drunk dancing, my classmates were pure entertainment! No photos, I have to protect the innocent. 
Do you agree or disagree?

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