Friday, September 19, 2014

Wedding, Vacation and Fly on the Wall

Hey Hey Happy FRI Day :)

And that means FLY ON THE WALL POST! This one will be a little different since I'm out of town and want to share some adventures.
Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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I'm having a blast in NC with my friends and family. Yesterday I went wheelin' around in a Miada with my friend from Jr High school. Top down, wind in our hair, sun shining, cruising around, we drove from my home town to Cedar Isand, caught a ferry, rode to Ocracoke, then to Hatteras, sight seeing, lunch, shopping and back across on the ferries.  Harkers Island for supper and home. A long 17 hour day but so worth it! I'm wearing my Taffy jacket, it was super windy and cool, 6 months ago this jacket would not zip, today it was roomy! Awesome feeling.
 It was so windy had to tie my hair back all day so I didn't look like Medusa running around. But what fun we had!

 I love the beach this time of year, no one around but us, fiddler crabs and horseshoe crabs. The waves were huge and the tide was rough. But so peaceful to me. I could have stayed all day.

This was at the landing on Cedar Point tonight. Gorgeous!

Flash back to last weekend, my oldest son got married!! It was beautiful, we had POURING rain all day on Friday, the rehearsal in the rain and on the way to the wedding. It stopped long enough for a gorgeous outdoor wedding then started to rain again. That's okay, it's a done deal now.

Me on the way to the wedding.

OMGosh, my little Sassy Pants and her BFF were flower girls, they made it all the way down to the front of the aisle and decided they were not moving. The Father of the Bride had to push them out of the way so Amy could get to the alter. It was funny. She stood there the ENTIRE time but boy did she bust a move at the reception. She danced and bounced and sang like crazy.

This doll crib was mine, my grand daughter now uses it, I didn't know but it was my mothers, given to her by her Great Aunt. So no telling how old this is. My mom will be 70 her birthday. The Barney was my sons, who just got married, the Raggedy Ann and Andy were my cousin Teresa's and she passed away in 1996.

On my way from GA to NC, 9 hour drive, I saw some interesting sights, crazy bumper stickers, here are a few I saw:
want a taste of the wild side, lick a witch
sticker: driver has no cash, he's married wife has it
sticker: Don't like my driving? Stay off the sidewalk

I'd share more but it's all on my phone, which I left in my friends car and won't get back until tomorrow later this morning. :(
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