Monday, September 22, 2014

Pan Seared chicken caramelized onions with red pepper tomato gravy

Happy Monday! I'm enjoying my time in NC and hope you're enjoying my photos and stories. There will be more to come. But today I'm sharing another great comfort food recipe that I prepared before I left GA.

I had purchased some roasted red peppers and wanted to use them in a new recipe. I thought they would make an interesting addition to gravy.

This was a great recipe, comfort food, loaded gravy that satisfied my guys.

boneless skinless chicken tenders 9 (3 per person)
sea salt and fresh cracked pepper
3 roasted red peppers, sliced
1 medium Vidala onion, sliced

Season and flour the chicken. Saute or pan fry. That means a dab of oil to cook the chicken in. Once it is done, add some water and cover. This is what we refer to as country fried. Fried but softened. Saute onions in butter and cook until tender, caramelized and lightly brown. cornstarch, mix well and pour into pan with onions.Prepare gravy. 1 cup broth or water, 1 TBSP Slice the roasted red pepper and add it along with the onions to the gravy. Add more fresh cracked and simmer gravy until it thickens. Need more gravy, double the amounts.
Serve over rice with fresh veggies.
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