Thursday, August 28, 2014

Turkey Fajita Burgers

It seems we've been on a burger kick lately and with that it means lots of bread/buns. The one thing I had done without for so long. Now the problem is... I'm enjoying bread again.

Wanting to cut down on the calories, without giving up the bun, I decided to make my fajita burgers again, but with turkey instead of beef.

Shhh don't tell my husband! With a lot of seasoning and fresh finely chopped peppers and onions, the burgers were moist and flavorful without a lot of fat and calories.

A win win!

With the beef burgers I sauteed the onions and peppers to put on top of the burgers, this time I chopped them up and placed them IN the burger.

Turkey Fajita Burgers
1 pkg ground turkey ( 20 oz)
6 sweet salad peppers
1 onion, Vidala (sweet)
2 tsp olive oil

Cut the tops off your peppers and toss them and a peeled onion into the food processor. Do a fine chop and mix this with your meat and seasoning.
I used a dab of olive oil, because turkey has no fat and the burgers will stick to the pan without some sort of oil.
Cook until they are done. This doesn't take long and if you over cook the burgers they will be dry.
This mix made 8 patties.

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