Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Southern Special week 19

Hey y'all !!! Another week has gone by and it's party time again. It took me all week to get around to checking on the links :(  But on the bright side we had 53 links! And several new comers! YAY

My part time work schedule went from 3 hours a day to me being gone 12 hours, then having to come home, clean up, cook, laundry and crash to start all over again. NOT my idea of fun and I hate it, but... when you need the money you do what you have to. On top of not really enjoying it, sweating my tail off and being physically exhausted, I fell on Friday.

Why didn't I marry some rich old fart and move to Florida? Oh yeah, I don't like old men and can't see myself as some piece of eye candy. I'm more like cotton candy than a dish of shiny pretty hard candy.

Oh gosh... where was I going with all this?! LOL

See I told you I was exhausted.

Yes yes

I think my husbands ADD is rubbing off on me. That's my story and I'm sticking to to.

So last weeks party favorites!
 Leslie showed us how to make this adorable Fruit Baby Carriage
Jessica shared these lovely Triple Chocolate Ice Box Cakes...drool

Solar Lights by Re Do It Inspirations 

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