Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ramblings of the day

Happy Thursday folks, you're not going to believe what I'm doing today. Laundry and blogging, oh yeah and watching television. LOL
We have not had cable or satellite in about 12 years, recently we decided to get basic cable 2 weeks ago but with my work schedule I have hardly had time to watch anything.
Did y'all realize that during the day there is NOTHING on except talk shows and infomercials. WOW some of these products they try to sell, well, I guess they are selling them but really? Who needs a product to crack an egg, or stir gravy for you? Now the NuWave oven looks pretty good to me and the NutriBullet is totally cool but I have a Vita-Mix so I don't need one. The shammy dry towel thing I understand works but a lot of these things you can purchase at CVS and even Wal-Mart now.
No, I'm not being paid for any of this "name dropping", it's called I'm home and bored. hahaha Being my random self.
I have to say I like watching some of these shows, sad I know. I enjoy some of the reality shows, well entertainment reality, not drama reality. I enjoy American Idol, AGT, So You Think You Can Dance, DWTS and things like this, NOT the star/celebrity reality shows. Those get on my nerves.
I've been out of work all week due to an injury and I've been cooking up a storm as well as enjoying my tv.
What guilty pleasures do you have? A show that you know is terrible that you really SHOULD NOT enjoy watching but do, a recipe that is LOADED with fat and calories that you make and eat but tell friends it's "for the family"... come on, fess up.

Exciting news! My oldest son is getting married in 1 month!! He is Miss Sassy Pants daddy and I'm praying really hard that I'm able to be there and yes you can expect to see photos! I really wanted to be much closer to my weight loss goal than I am for this wedding but I am down 54 lbs so that is good. I unfortunately need and want to be down another 68 lbs.
Reluctantly I got on the scale this morning but am happy I did, down another pound. WOO HOO I am now a few pounds away from the half way mark!
I work out in my Taffy fitness wear! LOVE THEM and if you haven't checked them out yet, you really need to. I love that while I'm working out I don't have to readjust my clothes 15 times and they don't "ride" up, gather or pinch. When I put them on I understand WHY folks walk around in their workout wear when not working out, it is that comfortable.
AND if you order, use my discount code and we both win! DAWN15

Tomorrow is the monthly "Use Your Words" post and next week you'll read a great cookbook review AND you'll be able to enter to win a copy of the book, the CIC and Fly On the Wall are both next week as well. There's a lot going on. So stay tuned!

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