Friday, August 8, 2014

Dark Chocolate Molasses Cookies and Secret Subject Swap

Okay, my part time job that I just got last week, well... I worked 3 hours 2 days in a row and BAM now I leave home at 8:30 am and return around 8pm.

This of course is a lot of hours, all on my feet, working very hard and I'm exhausted. I totally forgot about today's post. I did see where Karen (Baking in a tornado) mentioned it on Wednesday and all of a sudden here it is almost midnight on Thursday.

OMGosh... time has slipped away.

Dark Chocolate Molasses cookies
Bake a batch of molasses cookies
Melt dark chocolate
Dip the cookies
Sprinkle with... sprinkles

I made these for my husband and son, they flipped over them. They were really good!

Today is the Secret Subject Swap. We never know who we will get the prompt from or what it will be until a few weeks before we post. We also do not know who gets whose. WHAT am I talking about, who knows it's almost midnight. LOL No, wait...
Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

Your prompt is: Write a post where the main character has to face your worst fear and where the character's nemesis is the hero.

It was submitted by:     

Dorothy was the most popular girl in high school. Cheer captain, dating the quarterback, straight A student, in line for an Ivy league college, rich family and a major diva.
She like everyone and everyone LOVED her. Except for Starr. With a name like that you'd think she was happy, popular and well, beautiful.
Starr could be beautiful except for the huge chip on her shoulder. He dad walked out on her and her mom 3 years ago and every since, she's had a major tude.
No one at school knows about the situation and she is always on the defensive.
Dorothy and Starr were friends in elementary school and somewhere along the way things changed. Almost over night.
Dorothy sat in the cafeteria starring at her, wondering what happened. Oh well, friends became enemies, it's life. Move on.
Later that day in chemistry Dorothy was busy, really in dream land about Chad. sigh... she did not hear the proper instructions on mixing the chemicals.
Starr could do this in her sleep, she was so bored. She looked across the room and saw Dorothy, her once BFF.
Wait, what was she doing? That was the wrong test tube. If Dorothy put that in the beaker, the entire class might blow up.
Oh well, let her do it. My life sucks anyway.
Then that little voice said but do you really want EVERYONE in here to die when you could prevent it.
Starr walked across the room to her former BFF and whispered to her, "That's the wrong tube, use the yellow"
Dorothy just looked at her. "What? Are you talking to me?"
Yes replied Starr.
Dorothy sat there and wondered if it was a trick, I mean, after all Starr was her nemesis. What if she was trying to set her up, she looked around the room and saw no one with a blue test tube.
She replaced it and use the yellow. Bingo! The colors swirled and no smoke, no explosion.
The teacher observed what happened and quietly walked around the room. She stopped at Dorothy's desk. "If you used the yellow one, none of us would be here, it would have caused a horrid gas and I'm not sure any of us would be alive. You MUST pay better attention and go thank Starr for saving your butt, literally" and she walked off. None of this was loud enough for anyone else to hear, no, Ms T was cool like that.
After class Dorothy thanked Starr for rescuing her and asked if she wanted to hang out. Starr thought for a moment and said, yeah why not.

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