Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chocolate Chip Chocolate Sprinkle Cookies: Kid Favorite - August #FilltheCookieJar

Hi everyone and welcome to the August edition of #FillTheCookieJar. This is where each month a group of bloggers get together and with a theme (from Cynthia at Feeding Big) we each create a new cookie and all post on the same day.

I mean, who doesn't love cookies? AND this month it's "kid favorite" or back to school. Just in time, our oldest son moved back home two weeks ago and even though he's an adult, he's a big kid when it comes to cookies.

Last month I made Patriot bars and July 4th cookies (red, white and blue of course).

This month for our challenge, I did something OUT OF THE ORDINARY for me. I used store bought dough. SHOCK and for shame! I know I know.

But seriously, have you bought the chocolate chip dough in the tube? They ALWAYS turn out perfect! Drives me batty that mine do not, plus my oven is a 1970's relic and does NOT bake evenly or even keep the temperature the whole time.

I also asked my son, he said, "nothing against your cookies I love them, but that dough in the tube is AWEsome" gee thanks kid!

So, I bought a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough, a container of chocolate sprinkles and set to work.

Keep the dough nice and chilled, slice and roll in sprinkles. As you can see, my dough did not stay "cold" enough and so it looks like half circles when it went into the oven. Thankfully they came out nice and round, thin, crispy, chewy and delicious.

Now be sure to check out the other bloggers cookies, I have seen a sneak peek of a few and let me tell ya, you WANT to stop by!
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