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Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting - Fly On The Wall

TGIF we made it! It's Friday!! WOO HOO

Today I'm sharing my recipe for chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting! YUM

This cake is really simple, no eggs, no milk, no dairy, sometimes you'll see it called a "depression" cake because women used to make it during the depression when baking staples were at a premium and not used due to the rations.
I call it a "Wacky" cake because it uses vinegar, and isn't that kinda crazy sounding? It makes 1 8x8 or 9x9 square cake or in this case I used a 9 inch round. Either way, it's perfect if you don't want a lot of cake (I know, another crazy thought, who doesn't want cake) or if it is just you and your spouse.
Originally I posted this cake back in March 2013 and I've made several different versions. For this chocolate version go HERE and to see the others go HERE.
Today's chocolate cake I followed the recipe on the link above, except for the frosting.

4 oz dark chocolate chips
2 TBSP peanut butter (I used WOW butter due to my allergy of peanuts)
2 TBSP butter (unsalted)
Melt in a bowl over boiling water, in a double boiler or VERY carefully in a microwave. Stir while melting and whisk or whip the frosting. Set aside and wait for your cake. Once the cake has cooled spread the frosting on top and add sprinkles, because they are fun!

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 12 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.
While sitting in the truck waiting for my husband, he ran in the store real quick, there was a van parked by us. A woman gets out holding a baby, she passes him to another lady (her mom I think) older lady says "Ewww he stinks"
Other lady says: you think he stinks , here (holds out her hand) smell my hand where I was holding his butt"
I laughed, shook my head and made a note in my phone. I swear the things you see and hear in parking lots!

I fell at work and messed up my knee. The workman's comp questions are ridiculous. What happened? I fell. How did you fall? On a wet floor. Where did you fall? duh on the floor, on my knee. What did you hurt? duh, my knee. How did it happen? HELLO I fell. sheez

Little Man got a bicycle. He calls it an "i" cycle. It is so funny. You say BI and he says BI, then you say bicycle and he says no no i cycle. LOL

He calls his toy motorcycle an OOO Duh Cycle. NO idea where that came from.

Our oldest son has plugs, you know, you've seen the kids with the BIG holes in their ears. Yeah, well, he has them. He just moved down here to GA with us a few weeks ago. He is NOT the typical red-neck deep South boy and sticks out, well every time we go to the store, someone will stop him and say "ooooh how'd you get them big holes in your ears" being my child, he answered, OMG I woke up and there they were! SMH

Talking with my mom on the phone and Miss Sassy Pants says, Gram ma Gram ma hush I want to talk. Dawn where are you?
At my house.
Because I am.
Where is your house?
In Georgia.
Because I moved, remember.
I don't know.
Well, when am I gonna see you?
I'm not sure honey.
CRY Gram ma she said she don't know!
SMH again

In our TEENY TINY town there is 1 high school. And in the county, there is 1 high school. In the next TEENY TINY town/county there is 1 high school. The two are MAJOR rivals, so much so that you are not allowed on campus in the rival teams colors! I was at work in the next county last week, a girl showed up at the office to help me, I went to get her and she had on the rival t-shirt, I grabbed her and ducked into the rest room, not before being seen by the Principal. He said "Is that a FHS shirt?" yes sir it is but I'm taking care of it. I told her to turn it wrong side out and to PLEASE not wear it again. We were down the hall and saw him again, he looked at her shirt and I said "see we fixed it" he replied: "Ah good, wrong side out, just how THAT shirt belongs" OMGosh seriously? It is CRAZY down here!

Going to Wal-Mart is a lesson in "What not to wear" I swear Clinton and Stacy could move here and have a show for the rest of their lives! Saturday seems to be "teeth and bra are optional" day at Wally world. ewww
Stretch pants/spandex and tube tops are in, no matter the size of the person and it is a MUST that you wear Georgia Boots with them.

At the grocery store on Wednesday and in the poultry section they had a BIG package of ... turkey tails for sale. TURKEY TAIL who in the heck buys the tail and for what? My son looks at me and says "you're the one who moved here" I think this kid is kin to Karen!

My sister in law calls and says "what were you doing?"
Working out
ugh... to loose weight and be healthier
smh... because I'm bored.
oh okay

Things I have learned since moving here:
all food is battered and deep fried
Mt. Dew is the drink of choice
if you're over 16 chances are you smoke with your parents
if you're over 18 chances are you have already been arrested at least once
dinner is eaten around 8-9 pm
breakfast is a biscuit or grit bowl
gnat is the Georgia state bird (not really but it should be)
there is NO drivers ed here, and BOY can you tell it too
the statement "hotter than hell" must have started here
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