Monday, July 14, 2014

Shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

I am in shock... I can not believe I have not posted this before. I swear I have but I can't find it. How sad is that?

This is my "go to" meal when I want protein and a sandwich.

It is really easy and barely any recipe at all.

Cook chicken until it is tender, cool, remove bones, fat, skin. Save the broth for use at a later time. Shred the chicken. Place in a pot and smother with bbq sauce. Simmer.
Prepare your favorite coleslaw recipe, or purchase one from the store. I have about a dozen slaw recipes here.
Place on a bun and ENJOY!

Seriously, how easy can it be? We've been eating this for about 3 years. Something I used to keep on hand when the boys were home and in college, they'd come in grab a bowl, heat up some chicken, toss it on a bun and keep going.

Protein, veggies and grains. Not bad. A walking meal :)

Slaw recipes:

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