Friday, July 11, 2014

Fried Plantains AND Secret Subject Swap

Have you ever eaten plantains? I love them, sweet, savory and inexpensive. They make a great side dish, dessert or snack.

We enjoyed ours with some chicken and a side of refried beans with cheese and onions. YUM and it's okay about the raw onions, we both ate them. The chicken I rubbed with my homemade taco seasoning and sauteed it in a dab of oil. Simple but delicious meal.

I purchase the plantain, one is perfect for the two of us, and it was .66 cent. That means a side dish for 33 cent per person. NOW that is a great deal.

scroll down for recipe

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1 plantain
olive oil
sea salt

Peel the plantain and slice diagonally, saute in oil, drain if you use a lot, sprinkle with sea salt and enjoy while they are still hot.

Your “Secret Subject” is:
Take us on your dream family vacation.
It was submitted by:    
 photo from norweigncruiselines

Oh gosh, my dream family vacation? I know exactly what it would be. An Alaskan cruise to see the Orca whales. Well, that's my dream and I know my boys would indulge me. A cruise with my boys, their wives and my that would be a dream! 
A cruise, food, water, vacation, the boys stranded on board with me for a week :D (evil grin) my grandbabies, someone else to cook, clean and entertain me, what could possible NOT be a dream about this?
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