Saturday, July 5, 2014

Book review: Hidden Under Her Heart

Hidden Under Her Heart by Rachelle Ayala

I have read very few books in the last 24 years that are NOT Christian. You see, before coming to a saving knowledge of Christ, I read some pretty slutty books. I'm embarrassed to admit, but I did. After dedicating my life to the Lord I was ashamed of what I had read and stopped all magazines, books and soap operas. I threw everything out. Yes, I went a little overboard.

Over time I realized that I could still enjoy magazines, books and movies, just in a different genre. My knowledge of  "good" vs "bad" was slim and I turned to trusted friends that would guide me in a direction that was not damaging to my convictions.

Having said that, I have become...less rigid, less uptight over the last several years but still have my standards.

When I first began this book, I almost did not finish it. The language and where the story was taking the characters was NOT what I wanted to read, but I had committed to giving a review. No I wasn't paid to tell you it's great. I was given a free copy to give my honest opinion. So here it is.

In the end I enjoyed the book, however, I feel that the story stood on it's own and the "details" of the main characters relationship were not needed. It took the story to a level that I would not consider "christian" reading material. 

There was a lot and I mean a lot of language. God's name was taken in vain several times and as I understand at the time in the story it was a heated argument I feel personally that you can have a heated argument without such foul language.

I would not recommend this story to my Christian friends, they would be appalled at the language and shocked that I read it. This is not meant to be insulting to anyone who reads the book, just that I know their convictions about what to be involved in.

The story line was well written, the character development was thorough but the details of intimacy and the language are a real put off to me.

To be told that this was a "christian fiction" book, I was disappointed because until the final two chapters, I did not feel this was any different that any other sexual novel. Sure they mentioned church a few times but by no means a "Christian" book.

I felt that the story line and the events opened the book to several opportunities to present scripture, the gospel presentation and the grace of God, however, those were not given. I was disappointed. No, not every book has to have those things, but in order to say that this is "Christian" in my opinion and that's what they asked for, the book fell short.

I will refrain from giving details about the book because I can not stand to read a review where they give you so much information there's no point in reading it.

Bad decisions, horrible acts of crime, love, devotion, dedication, forgiveness and moving forward. That is what this book is about. Two people from two totally different backgrounds falling in love and making it work through horrible circumstances. At one point it seems they just can't catch a break, but in the end...happily ever after.

Hidden Under Her Heart was the perfect title and while reading the book you may not get that until near the end and if you make it past the first half, you'll be glad you finished reading it.
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