Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sloppy Sriracha Beef Sammie

One night last week I made taco salad, we love it and it is so quick, easy and can be made healthy. Anyway, all I had was a huge pack of ground chuck. Not wanting to use it all, I cooked it and set aside half of it. About 3/4 lb.

Later during the week I was looking for a quick lunch fix, see my husband comes home everyday for lunch. As I am perfectly happy with a smoothie or salad, he is not, and let's face it, he works out in the heat doing manual labor. He deserves something 'manly' for lunch.

So, I took the cooked ground meat out, placed it in a skillet with a finely diced onion. On low, I place a lid on top and began my search in the fridge.

AH HA! I found it, about 3/4 cup of leftover homemade bbq sauce, I added this to the skillet along with 2-3 tsp of sriracha sauce, stirred it well and once it was heated through, served it to him on a bun with a side of pickles and some pretzel chips. You got it, he was a happy camper. With each bite he would tell me how good it was.


These leftovers made 4 sandwiches and cost me nothing but a few minutes as I used what was hiding in the fridge. Frugal, fast and delicious.

Don't be afraid to use your leftovers in new and creative ways. You never know when you might create your next masterpiece.

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