Monday, June 16, 2014

Chicken Fried Loaded Burgers - Monday #manfood

Happy ManFood Monday!

I had this crazy idea and my husband said YES do it, so I did. What you ask? Chicken Fried Loaded Burgers, NO it is not healthy, but I loaded up on veggies so it wasn't too bad. Plus I've kicked up my working out, and found I wasn't eating enough calories, so it's all good.

They were delicious and sure to please the meat-aterian in your life. My husband would eat like this everyday but I keep him happy with at least once a week of "man" food. That way I can eat my healthy meals the rest of the time. It's about compromise.

Look at our loaded toppings! Don't they look delicious? They were, sriracha mayo, sliced Mt.Olive pickles (kosher dill with sea salt), Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and light fluffy buns.

It was easy, take lean ground beef/chuck or round whichever you prefer, add whatever to your meat that you would for burgers. I kept it simple and added fresh cracked pepper and a dab of water. Made the patties, dipped them in a mixture of all purpose whole grain flour and buttermilk self rising cornmeal. Pan fried/sauteed in a dab of olive oil. Drain well and layer that bun with goodies!

Served with garden salsa SunChips.
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