Wednesday, June 25, 2014

California Layered Salad

I really love salads but try to make them different and exciting so my husband will continue to eat them. That can be challenging sometimes. This recipe however he really enjoyed. It is loaded with flavor and different ingredients. Noting boring here!

Chopping and shredded your vegetables make them easier to eat and you can layer them to create an eye pleasing presentation. Trust me, the presentation or beauty of a plate has a lot to do with how your spouse or guest will perceive and enjoy the dish.

Healthy and very filling.

California Layered Salad
chicken (2 boneless skinless breast tenders)
30 small shrimp sauteed with my "spicy seasoning" mix
romaine lettuce 1 head
sweet salad peppers, orange and red 4
green onions 3
grape tomatoes, halved 10
avocado, 1 diced

Top with your choice of dressing, we used 1 TBSP of ranch dressing for a large salad.

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