Friday, May 9, 2014

TLC Chicken topped with Pico De Gallo - Secret Subject Swap

As you've already seen this week, we love Mexican food and there is a lot of it here on my site, especially before I went "clean". Lots of meat, cheese, spices... I prepare healthier versions now but just as flavorful.

You'll also see that this post is the monthly SSS = Secret Subject Swap. Each month I get a subject from another blogger and write about it.

Scroll down for the recipe and this month's SSS. Hope you enjoy!

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My subject is “ you found a gold bell, what does it do”.  It was submitted by Stacey Sews and Schools.  

TLC Chicken topped with Pico De Gallo
boneless skinless chicken tenders
taco seasoning
dried chopped cilantro
lime juice
Pico De Gallo
Coat the chicken tenders with taco seasoning, lime juice and cilantro, saute in about 2 tsp of olive oil. Serve over rice and top with Pico De Gallo, super easy meal and delicious.
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So I'm cleaning my father-in-laws house and run across a little bell. I thought it was cute and maybe used when my mother-in-law was sick. I have a little bell at home and when I'm sick I use it to call for help.

So I clean it up and place it back on the shelf.

I start down the hall and hear a noise, I look back and there stands none other than a genie! A pretty little thing all decked out in purple, cool my favorite color.

At first I think I'm dreaming, until she says "you are not dreaming, I am a genie and here to grant you 1 wish"

OH HOT DANG all our money worries are over! But she shakes her head no. 
No what? I didn't even say anything.

She says, sorry, this wish is for dinner. You can have any dish you desire, up to 7 courses and cooked by whoever you would like PLUS you can eat it with anyone from your past.

Oh gosh...any dish? 7 courses? My mind is a blur, the one thing I do know is that I want it cooked by Julia Child and I want to eat it with my Daddy.
Coming up on the 1 year anniversary of his passing, all I can think about is him. When I cook, when I eat, when I see something on Facebook about one of his friends that is sick. I think "oh I should call him" but I can't...
What would Julia cook for us? I really would not care, as long as I could eat it with my Daddy and it be 7 courses long, taking hours, I'd eat a chocolate covered toad.

Alas, I awake and it is a dream, but beside my bed is the little brass bell. I pick it up and ring it, but nothing happens.

I go back to sleep sad and missing my dad even more.

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