Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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Hey everyone, hope you're doing well and thank you for stopping by.

I know I say this a lot, but it is true, I love to cook and eating clean has not been as big a challenge as I had thought it would be. Giving up cheese (except on rare occasions) not fixing potatoes, rice or pasta every night and ending all the baking. Well, okay that last one might be more difficult than others. But really, for the first 3 months I didn't do any of those things at all and that was when I saw my greatest weight loss amount.

I am steadily dropping more inches than pounds but that's find too as this means I'm gaining muscle and loosing fat. YAY bye bye fat! Good riddance.

My biggest challenge is keeping my husband happy. He loves meat, potatoes, bread and sweets. Where I could eat a salad everyday, he would be fine once a week. So "bless his heart" he has been a real trooper.

Each week I write out my menu, it is a basic guideline of 'what' I am going to fix but it is not carved in stone. I don't write "Monday - chicken" , "Tuesday - roast" and so on. I write out all the things I plan to fix, write a shopping list from that and hit the stores.

During the week I look at our schedule and decide which meal I'll fix that day. I used to write it all on the calendar and if it said spaghetti, that's what we ate. I'm a lot more flexible now and there is just the two of us so it is easier to be more flexible.

But back to my original train of thought. Writing the menu is more difficult now because I have to come up with new ways to fix "clean" food that my husband will enjoy and not feel deprived.

I went in search of some new recipes after hitting a "writers block" of my own and found a cookbook I've had a long time. It was written in 1996 and was a "light" cookbook. Now not all the recipes were light but a great many of them are. I don't consider a recipe that calls for 2 cups of cream cheese light, even if you use the reduced fat version.

In the book I found about 14 recipes that I thought I could use, now, y'all know me, I can't leave a recipe alone. So as I tweak and prepare each recipe, you'll get my version along with a  great photo (I hope) and it will give you something new and "clean" to try.

*Clean food = real whole food, not processed, in a box or can. Clean eating is 80% or more live raw food prepared without frying, or adding processed foods.
When you purchase canned or frozen foods, read the label, what does the ingredient list include? If the first 3 ingredients you can't pronounce, then it didn't come from a farm and is not healthy. If you can read the first 3, but the next 10 are chemical compounds, DON'T eat it! I try to shop from the outside of the store, meaning, meat, dairy and produce. In the aisle I purchase whole grain, canned beans or tomatoes, dry beans, spices.

My husband does not eat as clean as I do, so if you see me at the store, you will see chocolate syrup, pickles, honey roasted salted nuts, white bread, coffee, sugar, beef jerky and things of this nature in my cart, I do not eat those. I may eat the pickles. I do eat bottled salad dressing because I'm too lazy to fix my own most of the time, but I do prepare my own.

Since I changed my lifestyle, because this is not a diet for me, I have dropped 47 lbs and 56.2 inches. YES that is right, good grief I actually just put that in writing for all the world to see! ugh...and to be honest, I have that much more and then some to go before I reach my ultimate goal. I'm ashamed to say I let myself go this far but determined to fix it. I am sleeping better, feeling better, not in as much pain and have a lot more energy.

So if you are battling extra weight, 20 lbs or 100 lbs, I encourage you to take the bull by the horns, wrestle with that demon of emotional eating, boredom, kick that Negative Nelly to the curb YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! Eat better and move more. I don't eat less, I eat more, but it is clean healthy food. It gives me energy and nutrition. I'm not obsessed with eating any more and exercise is now my friend. YES I really did say that and I mean it!

Believe in yourself even if no one else does. Find a workout buddy, follow pages on FB and instagram that inspire you, get support but do this for YOU, not your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse but for YOU because you are worth it and LOVE yourself enough to try.

Will you fall? Yes. Will you get back up and try again? I don't know but if you do, you will be surprised at just how far you can push yourself and how much better you'll feel.

Okay...that's my soapbox for today.

Sorry there was no recipe and I hope you'll come back!

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