Saturday, May 24, 2014

Getting Up and Getting Down

No recipe today, just some news for you all. I'm a TAFFY Ambassador! WHAT am I talking about? Read on!!

Most of you know, that in January of this year, I decided to change my life. Get on track, get up, get moving and get my weight down. (eating clean and exercising)

I have lupus, fibro, crohn's and a few other issues. I was not on any medication and trying to tough it out each day. But it was becoming increasingly difficult. You can read more Here, here,  Here or Here

When I made the decision it was because the nail hurt bad enough. It was either, change my life or go on medication for life. The latter was NOT in my plan.

I joined a wonderful online support group and started moving. That's it, it's all I could do. Walk, sit down and rest. Walk, sit down and rest. It took me 6 different times on the treadmill throughout the day to go a mile. Sad but that's the truth of it.

Now I'm bustin' a move! I can walk the mile, I can set the incline to 6.5 and not die, using the bowflex, total gym, doing upper body, lower body and cardio each day! It's amazing what I can do now.

In the beginning I was wearing my regular clothes, no gym around here plus I would have been to embarrassed to go. I wore my fat clothes. You know the ones. Baggy t-shirt and sweat pants. As time has passed, I've lost weight (47 lbs and 56.2 inches so far) and wanted some "cute" workout clothes.

HA! Well finding cute workout clothes for a "big" or curvy girls was HARD. Then Kim (from Sublime Reflection) told me about Taffy. OMGosh I was in love! So cute and made for us BIG girls. 
One problem, my husband lost his job and money was so tight poor Abe was crying on my pennies.

I was on the Taffy Facebook page one day and saw a giveaway! OMG I was so excited. I hurried to the blog and entered. I mean, what did I have to loose? Then I followed Taffy on Twitter and saw several, six to be exact giveaways. I entered them all. Shared them on twitter, on FB and guess what... I WON! I was super excited.

When my Taffy Capri pants came I could not wait to try them on. NOW I know what I see ladies in these workout pants in Wal-Mart and all over. GOOD GRIEF they are comfortable. I could live in them, honestly I could.

I sent Taffy and the blog a thank you, posted it on twitter, on FB and sent an email. I was chosen as the "Fan of the Day" on FB for Taffy. I was so excited.

THEN Kim told me that Taffy was looking for ambassadors. So I quickly applied and guess what, YEP you guessed it, I was chosen. I feel really honored as I am the only "food blogger" and all the rest are "healthy, fitness" blogs. I'm special. lol

As an ambassador they sent me another pair of Capri's, a racer-back top and a jacket. I'm stylin' and profiling now! (yes my adult sons just cringed if they read that)hahaha but that's okay.

I feel empowered somehow with my new gear on, I know it sounds silly, but honestly when I wear the Taffy outfit and workout, I feel like a "real" healthy workout butt busting momma!

SO, if you want a pair of these awesome Capri pants, a racer-back top (which I am even more in love with) or any other workout wear for curvy girls. GO
well, hit the net and visit: and enter DAWN15 for your discount code when you check out.

Now here is the before and after! and a photo of me in my Taffy outfit...gosh lord help me I can't believe I'm putting this online but here it is.

Yeah I'm not brave enough to put the "whole" photo on...
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