Monday, April 14, 2014

Eating Clean, Shopping and Working out

Happy Monday everyone! I know, I heard some of you groan, not everyone likes the first day back to work/school/busy schedule. However, after the week I just had, I'm happy to see a new one. whew...

My father-in-law was sick and I took him to the doctor which quickly turned into a week long hospital stay and us almost loosing him. My baby boy/Airman and his wife drove in from TX (THIS was the best part of the week). Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and did laundry for 3 males who live alone and NONE of them clean...we'll just keep that visual out of this conversation. Went to pick up my FIL car and had a crazy experience! Long story short, we are all okay by the grace of God but the car is totaled. Helped out with the JROTC military ball here in town and had a girl fall out before we even started, EMS, emergency room, can't find the mom, started late, terrible food, terrible speaker, 5 hours later made it home. OH and all the while I'm in heels with a broken toe!

Now don't you feel better about your week?

My eating was off all last week and I feel like poo today. I'll tell ya, once you start eating clean  and your body adjust, you throw some junk down your throat and your body will quickly let you know this is NOT a good idea.

Eating clean? Yes, that means no or very little processed food. You want to purchase raw, organic if possible, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean non-hormone meats. Nothing from a can or box if possible. I go with 80 % clean and try for 90 most days. Last week...yeah we'll just say I'm starting over this week.

A minimum of 5 servings of vegetables and 2 of fruit. I have cut out rice, pasta, white potatoes and bread as well. NOW I do eat some rice and pasta, but only once a week if that and not two days in a row.

No frying foods in a vat of oil, I may add a tablespoon of healthy oil (olive oil or coconut oil) into a pan and saute something but that is no more than once a week or every ten days or so.

I drink water, water and water. I also enjoy fresh fruit smoothies with kale and pea protein, sometimes adding coconut water. On a cold blustery day I may enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea with raw honey. Otherwise, it's water and no tap water. I filter mine twice before I drink it. You see, I have severe cramps and get sick if I drink city water, the chlorine levels are so high.

Each morning after my husband leaves I put on my favorite capri pants from #Taffy and work out. Beginning with yoga for great stretching and core strength, moving over to the bowflex for chest, arm, shoulder, back strength. Next the Weider ultimate gym where I can do a number of exercises for legs, butt, back, abs, arms, shoulders and last the treadmill where I try to get in at least 1 mile. I do this Monday through Friday and on the weekends I rest or just walk.

I have been asked about shopping. A menu is a must, first browsing Pinterest or magazines for ideas I write out recipes or ideas for them. After that the shopping list is formed to create these meals and then the shopping trip.

There are staples I purchase: boneless skinless chicken breast, bananas, baby spinach, snow pea pods, almond milk - unsweet original, WOWbutter, cabbage, tomatoes, mango's, pineapple, strawberries, sprouts,eggs, tuna, talapia,sweet potatoes,sweet salad peppers, celery: these are every week. Salad, smoothie and dinner staples. Of course depending on my menu other items are added but these are basic for me. When I run out I also purchase raw sunflower seeds, coconut oil, coconut water, pea powder protein, nuts, pumpkin seeds, brown or wild rice, unsalted butter, oats, Barilla Plus pasta (it is made with legumes).

Now you will find "bad" food in my pantry. My husband is not as keen on the whole eating clean as I am. So you'll find cereal, grits, pretzels, peanut butter, jelly, pickles, rice, coffee, creamer. I do not indulge but can't force my habits on him either.

My purpose? To be healthy, not skinny and not a body builder. Just a healthier version of me. Smaller ? Oh yes, but I'm not gunning for 110, I'd look sick. When I started this journey I was at my highest weight ever. I suffer with crohn's, fibromyalgia and lupus. The pain was out of this world, ALL the time. Since I started this new lifestyle, I've lost 44 lbs, 30 inches and the pain is almost gone! I have days, but they are not everyday all day any more. That let's me know, I'm on the right track.

Hopefully this helps you have an idea of what I'm doing, where I'm at and where I'm headed.

Here's a peek at my counters and fridge...I have a tiny place.

OH and I almost forgot, I've gone back to juicing. So I purchase a 25 lb bag of organic juicing carrots and drink at least 8 oz a day. I use a champion juicer and store the juice in small ball jars, seal and refrigerate for no more than 72 hours. It is best if used within 24-48 tops.

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