Friday, April 18, 2014

BOOST Your FB Post April 18

If you're not a blogger you might thing, why do I want to see this? Well, you will find new pages to follow on FB or see a page that you previously liked, but don't see in your newsfeed now. THAT is the reason, FB is only showing, on average, 7 % of all post from pages UNLESS you pay them.
Well, we aren't paying. So we're sharing instead. The more folks who visit a status, like and comment, the more FB will show that page.
So if you see the page and like it, be sure to visit often, like and comment, otherwise it will disappear from your feed.

To the bloggers, you know the benefit and I hope you are seeing your numbers go up. THANK YOU all for participating each week and now...on to the link!

Welcome to the 
Boost Your Facebook Post Party!

Several weeks ago we shared how frustrated many of us are with the lack of views on our Facebook pages. Loving Facebook as we do, we did not want to give up. Instead, we created this party where we help each other by boosting (liking, commenting and sharing) each other's Facebook posts.

It is working pretty well. The more activity each post gets, the more of our fans will see them. So, please try to visit as many posts as you can to boost very least, the two above your own. 
We are committed to doing the same for you!

In addition, we've added a link up where we can simply become followers of each other's Facebook pages. When you like someone's page, please do it as yourself (from you personal page) so that the numbers count. This is an ongoing list. If you shared your page last week, it is there this week, as well.

Thanks to our wonderful co-hosts!
We'd love it if you'd follow us.

Christie of A Kitchen Hoor

Natasha of Serenity You

Dawn of Spatulas on Parade

Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row

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