Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Taffy Active wear - carpi review

As most of you know, I changed my lifestyle in January. I went from decadent desserts and rich foods to a clean healthy eating life. And I mean this, lifestyle, not diet. Why? Because the first 3 letters in diet are DIE!

I make a conscience effort each day to eat healthy, clean and move my butt. Whereas before I ate whatever, whenever and sat around. I used my health as my excuse. But then I saw a video of a man who lost his legs and he is now a body builder. With tears I said to myself, NO MORE EXCUSES.

If you can't RUN  you Walk, if you can't WALK you crawl, but you MOVE! That is my new motto.

With this new mind set, and that is what it is, I have lost 44 lbs to date and over 30 inches. WOW I can hardly believe it myself. However, sadly enough, I still have a LONG way to go. How far you ask...ugh I hate to say it but 80 lbs. YES YES I Know, I R E A L L Y let myself go and shame on me.

Working out after over 20 years of not, has been a real struggle. When you wake up every single morning in pain, moving is not what you want to do. However, if I don't, one day all too soon, I won't be able to and it will be no ones fault but my own. SO...I resolved to change that.

Now I sleep better, wake up in FAR less pain (more of a throbbing annoyance)  I have more energy, my clothes are looser, and I just feel happier about me.

One of the things I find frustrating is finding clothes to work out in. My friend Kim at Sublime Reflection turned me on to Taffy Active Wear! I LOVE their clothes but they are out of my budget right now.

I went to Facebook and liked their page, followed them on Twitter and Pinterest. In doing so I saw they hold A LOT of giveaways with bloggers. THIS was exciting to me. I entered every one I saw and searched them out each day. It paid off! I WON a pair of their carpi pants and let me tell you, it really changed my workout! No more stopping to adjust my baggy hot sweats. They really are comfortable and I could live in them. 

THANK YOU Alyse from Sweat Guru, this is where I WON my carpi pants!

Now my goal is to get one of their t-shirts, a tank (which I haven't work in about 10+ years) and a jacket for those cooler evening walks.

Sorry, no photo of me in them right now, but if I can get my husband to take one. I'll update this post with a photo.

But here is a photo from their site.

I have applied to be an Ambassador in hopes of being able to offer YOU discounts from their site! Go check them out and write on their Facebook Wall that I sent you :) THANKS!!

**Disclaimer, I was not paid or compensated for this post. I did WIN a pair of carpi pants but was NOT obligated in ANY way to write a review**
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