Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NuNaturals Giveaway #2

Hello beautiful people! (In my head I sounded like Raj from The Big Bang Theory...and it was funny) anywho...

Do you eat too much sugar? I did. 
Are you finding it difficult to give up? If so, I may have just the answer. Instead of loading up on sugar, maple syrup or some other sweetener, have you considered NuNaturals?

They have a large variety of products. Stevia, in liquid and powder forms. Baking products, extracts, supplements... there are really too many for me to tell you about.

Ron or "Sugar-Free Poppa" has been so generous! He is allowing me to offer:
You may award ( 4 ) four of your readers ( 1 ) one bottle of each of the Lemon / Cherry Vanilla / Peppermint Flavored Stevia Liquids, PLUS a 50 pkt box of our NuStevia White Stevia Powder packets.  

WE CAN NOT SHIP TO P O BOXES.  We need full name, specific address, & email address if possible where we can advise winner's of their shipments.

You may also advise your readers they can receive DISCOUNTS on all orders placed on our website :  www.nunaturals.com .

When they get to our checkout page they should enter the DISCOUNT CODE ;  BLG0614  and they will receive - 15% DISCOUNT on their ENTIRE ORDER. This discount remains  EFFECTIVE UNTIL JUNE 30, 2014 .

Online ordering customers may also receive FREE SHIPPING to the CONTINENTAL U. S. on all orders exceeding  $ 35.00 after discounts.

I have worked with numerous sponsors and they are one of the best!

My husband uses the flavored alcohol free stevia liquid in his coffee every morning and I love to use the tagatose in my baking!

Go to their website for recipes, more information, ordering and if you're just curious.

Here is what one of my previous winners had to say: I absolutely love the flavors of the NuNaturals products. I've used the nustevia powder in water, coffee and tea and it gives such a great flavor without leaving an after taste or bitterness in your mouth. I also love using the extract in water and tea to give it an extra flare in flavor. I will definitely buy these products in the future. 

LeSha B.

You can also find recipes here on my site where I have used the NuNaturals products.


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