Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp

Do you ever get an idea stuck in your head? I do all the time. I went to bed the other night with this idea. Bacon wrapped bbq shrimp. I could see it, smell it...oh man. Yeah, I should NOT go to bed hungry. Visions of sugar plums might have danced in the kids head in the Nut Cracker but for me it was visions of bacon wrapped shrimp.

I missed a few items on my shopping list, so I needed to return to the store. Perfect excuse to buy some shrimp and bacon. hahaha Yes I did.

My husband thought the bacon was for him, psych. However, he did get to enjoy some of the shrimp. I say some, he wasn't feeling well and somehow managed to down his share. hmmm funny how he felt better once he started to smell that bacon cooking.

Once I started to wrap the shrimp, which by the way, is a pain in the patootie! I thought, hmm maybe I'll just do some of them. Yes, I was being lazy. It was late, I had had a busy/stressful day and just wanted to eat.

I decided to chop 1/4 lb of bacon and saute it up. Then I added some bbq sauce and about 25 medium size shrimp. This took around 6 minutes to cook. 

The other half of the shrimp, about 20, I wrapped each one in a half slice of bacon. Actually it was two shrimp per half slice. Rolled on each end and placed on a baking pan. These went into the oven for 12 minutes at 375 degrees. I placed a 1/2 tsp of bbq sauce on top of each one. However, that didn't work well. So I just dipped them as I ate them.

They are not pretty, sorry about that, but WOW did they taste good! The ones in the pan cooked the prettiest but the baked ones tasted the best. The flavors blended better in the baked version than the skillet cooked. Either way, they were good and we enjoyed every single one of them.

1 lb medium size shrimp 30-40 in a bag
bbq sauce
1/2 lb bacon


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