Saturday, February 8, 2014

4x3 runner Digital Pedometer by Ozeri

Good Saturday Morning!

As many of you know, starting on Jan. 3 of this year, 2014. I began my new lifestyle. Clean eating and exercise.

There are many reason for this:
1. to be healthy
2. to live a better life
3. to feel better
4. to look better
5. to be able to move and do more
6. to NOT be my grandmother and be disabled 25 years sooner than need be due to lack of movement.
7. to love myself enough to be there for my husband, adult kids  and grandchildren
8. to get my pain under control

The reasons go on and on. For years I have had health issues, that has not changed, but what has changed is how I am handling them. Being proactive and no longer being a victim of my body.

I have put myself on hold, on the back burner so to speak. For years. My job was first, then I got married and it was my husband. Along came a baby and he was first. Then another baby and they were first. I have always paid the bills, took care of the house, provided for the kids, my husband, the car, the pets and family. There has been nothing leftover for me. So I've shrugged it off and said oh well, one day I'll take care of me.

Well, that one day is here. My kids are grown, gone and living their lives. The house has been reduced to a small 4 room duplex, the large property/farm and animals are gone. I have lots and lots of time on my hands and only two people to take care of. My husband and myself.

This gave me cause for reflection. Time to sit and say, wait a minute. WHY am I always last? Why, because I put me there.

I decided, I may not ever return to a size 0 (not happening) I may not make it back to a 6. BUT what I will do, is be a healthier person. A happier person. A person determined to not sit here and waste away doing nothing.

Some of you know, because you are friends, some may have seen me allude to these facts, but I'm putting it out there today. I have fibromyalgia, lupus, Crohn's and a few other issues. ALL cause me great pain. No. I am not on any medication because I have no insurance and can't afford the hundreds almost thousands of dollars a month in toxic chemicals to pollute my body with. So I have tried to eat healthy. But the one thing I have not done is exercise. I have let my pain be an excuse for not moving.

Being a blogger affords me some wonderful opportunities. I have been blessed with several great products to help in this new way of thinking, living and being.

I made the decision over Christmas to MOVE more and eat healthier. I already had cut out soda, coffee, white bread, rice and potatoes were a minimal, no fast food, no fried foods (except the occasional chicken), nothing out of a box and very few canned items. My one vice has been SUGAR... one of the leading causes of pain for arthritis, lupus and fibro.

SO...NuNaturals has been a WONDERFUL discovery for me. You'll be seeing another giveaway with them in the next week. Keep an eye out.
EatSmart digital scale is another, a scale that shows me my weight, height, body fat, water weight, etc... it really helps me stay on track.

My one new love, is this 4x3 runner digital pedometer by Ozeri. I'm not saying that just because I was given one to do a review on. I wear this EVERY day and have for a month now. You set the day, time, size of your steps, weight, goal and it has a mode for walking or jogging.

At first I wore it just to see how many steps a day I took. I really thought I walked a lot, AHAHAA NOT. I didn't. So I set a realistic goal and was able to hit it everyday by wearing the pedometer. It keeps up with the steps, no need to turn it on and off, it has a sleep mode when you're not moving. A clip for your waist is included or a strap to wear on your wrist. I clip mine to the waist band and just forget about it.

During the day I look at it to see how close to my goal I am. It gives you the number of steps and the percent of your daily 100% goal. If it is 2 p.m. and I'm at 80% I'm on track. If it is 4 p.m. and I'm at 50% I hit the treadmill.

So far by using the pedometer, I am down 13.2 pounds since Jan. 3. THAT is a big deal for me. I have a long way to go, but slow and steady wins the race! I did not put this weight on in a month, I will not take if off in a month.

BUT I will take it off. I already feel better, sleep better and my pain is not as severe. Now, on rainy day, or super cold days, I hurt like a .... well, it's bad. But it is not horrid everyday like before.

Part of my reason for writing this is that I hope someone out there sees that they too ARE worth effort. That you will love yourself enough to eat healthier, move more and be the best you that you can be!!

Seek like minded friends. Search for blogs that are encouraging. Women just like you and me who are and have struggled with their weight. See how they have overcome ridiculous odds to be fit, healthy and happy.

There are several for me. Skinny Geek Within, Sublime Reflection, Fat Farm Girl, Down with Dani...if you stop by. Tell them I sent you. Dawn from Spatulas On Parade. You can find them all on Facebook and follow along the journey.

Check out the 4x3 runner digital pedometer from Ozeri. It is easy to use, small, light weight and very versatile. Purchase HERE

Be happy, be healthy and LOVE yourself!

Until later,
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