Monday, January 13, 2014

Banana Protein Smoothie

By now you all know that I've set myself on the path of eating clean and healthier. Yes, I'll still have desserts, just not as many and not packed with tons of sugar.

My first sugar fit hit me and I was due to participate in the Fill the Cookie jar once a month group post. I knew I 'needed' a cookie but wanted it to be healthy. So I created a raw cookie, similar to ones I used to eat, many years ago, when I was vegan.

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As I have a LOT of weight to loose and a LONG way to go to get healthy, I am working out in spurts. That means that several times a day I do what I can for as long as I can. That may sound crazy to you, but it works for me. I am not able to work out at a gym for an hour. I stay home and so I am able to do mini sessions all day. It is my goal to work up to a 'real' workout complete with sweat and everything. LOL

I'm staying on track and am part of a wonderful Facebook group where we encourage and hold each other accountable all day everyday. Kim over at Sublime Reflection runs the group. Check out her page for some great motivation!

I'm also still using my EatSmart Precision Digital Scale.

You can see what I'm eating here and on Pinterest.

So, each day I'm starting my day with a smoothie. Here is the one I've been doing all week.

Banana Protein Smoothie
1 frozen banana
1 orange or pear
1 1/2 scoops of Pea Powder Protein
1 cup coconut water (CocoZia)

Today however I used the water from where I soaked my dates for the cookies, in place of the coconut water. Great added flavor!
All ingredients go into the VitaMix and hit the button.
Pour and enjoy!!

The pea powder protein not only gives you protein but added amino acids and it helps prevent sweet cravings. I learned about it on Dr. Oz and purchased some through Amazon. It really works. Helps keep me full for several hours without the sweet attack.

**** Late breaking news!! I just weighed and I'm down 6.6 lbs since 1/5/14 WOOT!!! YEAH
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