Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Goals - clean eating

Hi everyone! I have missed you all so very much, I went through blog withdrawals.

I do hope and pray that you had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. Did you make any resolutions? I did not. I don't. What I do is make commitments. Committing to be better, do more, spend less and so on. This year my goals are:

You may wonder what I mean by remove the mask, stop pretending, stop fooling myself. Be honest with myself like I am with others. My health has been a real issue for a long time, and to be honest, it could have been better BUT I put everyone else first and have for years. My husband, my kids, my job, my house, my family I was always last on the list and finding an excuse to not take care of me was easy.

Well, the time has come to take care of me. Past time.  So this year, I am committing to take care of me, eat better, not a diet, just better. Move more, laugh more and do what I need to do for me.

No it is not selfish. It is smart and healthy. If I don't take care of me, in a few years I'll have moved passed some disabilities to full on immobile disability and I owe it to myself and my family to NOT be like that.

So I have joined with 99 other ladies on a challenge. A total body, inside and out, fitness challenge. With goals each day. We will hold each other accountable, laugh at ourselves, cry with our setbacks and cheer with out victories.

As I go through this, you will hear more about it. You will see changes here on the blog but I will still be cooking, still eating and there will be decadent desserts, just not several times a week like before.

I will be eliminating more and more processed foods. Right now I'm about 75/25. We eat a lot of sugar, some pasta and some rice. I will be moving toward a 80/20 or even 90/10 if I can convince my husband. shhh don't tell him and maybe he won't notice!!

What I mean is ,more fresh fruits and vegetables, less pasta unless it is whole grain or brown rice, less white rice, and a lot less sugar. Lean meats with fresh made marinades and less bottled dressings.

I hope you will enjoy these changes and maybe even join me. These changes can be scary and a little intimidating but worth it.

Thank you all for reading, stopping by and your words of encouragement!

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