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Oh NO, not ground hog day! - Secret Subject Swap

Grab a chair, a cup of hot tea or coffee, maybe a slice of pie or a cookie. Then sit back and read today's SSS.

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

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My subject is "if you could pick one day of your life to re-live over and over again, which day would it be?"  It was submitted by  

Here goes: I have to admit, this is a huge challenge. To live one day over and over again? ugh...
Like Groundhog Day? No thanks.
Or like "First 50 Dates" where he has to make his wife fall in love with him everyday because she can't remember anything. Sad...

There are many days in my life that I do NOT want to live over and over again, but to pick one that I do. hmmm I will not say the birth of a child, since I have 3 boys. Someone would be left out and hurt. Plus, I mean come on, who wants to relive the pain? Not my wedding or graduation of a child. There again,I have 3.

The day of my salvation? The day that I came to realize that I am nothing without God. He is in control and has a plan for my life. He sent his son to die for my sins, a debt I could never pay.
The details of that day are fuzzy and some are crystal clear but it was also a day of rejoicing and fear. Fear because my then husband was NOT going to be happy about the choice I made. He was a atheist. Yeah, that was a fun conversation.

I'm not a fantasy person, I deal with real life, the realistic life. I don't sugar coat things, I don't look through rose colored glasses. I guess some would say I'm a pessimistic person. I don't see it that way, I see it as a realistic person. So to live one day over and over again is a ridiculous thought to me. Why only one day? And if all I did was live that day over and over, I'd never get anywhere, any better, any older, any wiser...

I feel the same about changing my past. Granted, there are a LOT of things I wish I had of done differently and things I wish I had of never experienced, but, if I changed one of those things, it changes the here and now. My life is not perfect but I really wouldn't change it. 
Oh yes, I'd love to have more money, a nice home, no bills, a thin beautiful body BUT I'll take my family, love, friends, grandbabies and all the trials that life has - to be who I am and where I am in my own personal life. Maybe not in the physical place but definitely in the emotional, mental and spiritual place.

So, with all that being said, it was a great prompt, but not one I can really work.

I hope you're not all disappointed, no funny story, no weird crazy stuff like last time, but just me, who I am and what I think. (If you missed last time: view it HERE)

Until next time...
ENJOY! life, you only get to live it once 

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