Friday, December 6, 2013

#NuNaturals recipes AND Give Away

You know, after the holidays, everyone will be on the weight loss wagon. Searching for low fat, low calorie, less sugar and healthier foods.
Why wait, why not start now. Yes, you can still eat and enjoy the holidays but do it with less sugar and fat.
How you ask, well, use NuNaturals products. 

Recently I received some of their products and have been testing them. Trying to reduce my sugar intake and drop some pounds.

Ron over at NuNaturals is very generous. He has offered to provide 4 of my readers a chance to win their new products! How cool is that?!

I have used the NuNaturals products in several recipes already.
Maple Pear Scones
Healthy Brownie

Christmas 2013 Lemon Walnut cookies

Be sure to visit their website:
and use this code when you place an order:

 DISCOUNT CODE :   BLG1213.. This remains effective until December 31

Customers can also receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders EXCEEDING $ 35.00 
 ( less discounts) to the CONTINENTAL U. S.

Follow them on Facebook and Pinterest Enter to win! And spread the word


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