Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Beef Bacon Hash

We relocated to GA from NC over the Thanksgiving weekend, while packing and preparing to move. I made few trips to the store and tried to use up all we had, that was perishable. I hate to throw food away.

So in doing this, I had to be creative on a few dishes. This one is no exception.

Calling this "hash" and I thought I have a lot of 'hash' going on, but really don't know what else to call it. Throw together, hash, mix mash, toss up...whatever it was good and filling.

 Beef and Bacon Hash
1/2 lb lean ground chuck
1/2 lb bacon
5 small red potatoes
green onions (sprinkled the green on top, saute the bottom with meat)

1 tsp each:
chili powder

Everything is chopped and added to a skillet with a dab of oil. Saute it all up and serve. I topped mine with some finely shredded cheese and added a side salad.
Meal complete, quick, easy and really filling.

**settling in and trying to find space for everything...I need more cabinets. Or I have too much kitchen stuff...nah, need more cabinets :)
Surprisingly I do have lots of cabinets and closet space for such a tiny place, but...we have about 60 boxes of kitchen stuff I'm trying to find a spot for. Still haven't finished unpacking. Arrived late Friday, Saturday the truck was unloaded and returned. Then we had a family party to attend.
Sunday we cleaned, Monday the electric,water and gas were turned on and we spent our first night.
Tuesday (yesterday) my internet was hooked up! HALLELUJAH! but I wasn't able to put stuff in the cabinets yet, the exterminators are doing their monthly spray, so I'm waiting. That's today, should be here at 9 a.m.
Which means I'll be sitting outside for a few hours. :(
That's my update
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